People with diabetes who undergo joint replacement surgery are at higher risk of experiencing elevated blood sugar levels after the operation, increasing their chances of developing infections and other complications, a new study suggested.
Joint surgery may shoot up sugar level in diabetics
Vision may be our most important sense but many of us are neglecting our precious peepers.
Five best ways to keep your eyes in tip-top condition for years to come
The US Environmental Protection Agency said it had issued a final rule to prohibit the manufacture, import, processing and distribution of methylene chloride in all paint removers for consumer use.
EPA bans consumer sales of methylene chloride paint removers
Eggs are a staple of American breakfasts, but they’re a highly controversial food. Are they healthy or not? Do they raise cholesterol? Should you eat only the egg whites, or opt for yolks?
Eggs may be bad for heart, a new study says
A team of US researchers have found a link between migraines and how sodium is distributed through the brain, a finding that could be key to future research on treatments for millions of affected people.
Brains’ sodium level linked to migraine risk
High blood pressure, or hypertension, if left undetected or uncontrolled, can lead to serious health problems, including heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, etc. There may be no single cause for high BP in most cases, perhaps, no one really knows exactly what causes this condition.
Your diet can have huge impact on your blood pressure
Examining the bacteria and viruses in the noses of children could give clues to improve the diagnosis and treatment of severe lung infections, a new study has found.
Children's noses 'hold clues' to serious lung infections
Researchers at the George Washington University (GW) Cancer Center found that the enzyme USP15 could potentially lead to new treatments for breast and pancreatic cancer. Their findings were published in Nature Communications.
Enzyme USP15 may have potential role  in future treatment of various cancers
Research showed that experiencing menopause before the age of 45 is associated with a higher risk of bladder cancer. This higher risk was notable if the woman is a smoker. The study, which looked at health outcomes of more than 220,000 US Nurses, is presented at the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona.
Early menopause in smokers linked to bladder cancer
High blood pressure is a serious health problem that can cause the arteries to harden and thicken. This can then lead to the development of health complications such as heart and stroke.
Study:Drinking tea proven to lower blood pressure

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