A new outbreak of a rare but preventable eye infection that can cause blindness, has been identified in contact lens wearers in a new study led by UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital researchers.
Outbreak of preventable eye infection in contact lens wearers
World Alzheimer’s Day 2018: Unusual memory loss that disrupts daily life may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s Disease. Here are 10 early signs that you probably ignore and what to do if you notice them.
World Alzheimer’s Day 2018, early signs of the disease and how to deal with it
Walking for just 35 minutes a day or swimming for three hours a week could protect you from severe strokes, says a new study.
Walking for half an hour a day can reduce severity of stroke
Pregnancy diet: Eating a high gluten diet during pregnancy can increase risk of the child developing type 1 diabetes, says this new study.
Gluten-heavy pregnancy diet can increase risk of type 1 diabetes in children
Giving toddlers Calpol and other paracetamol medication may double their chances of developing asthma in later childhood, according to a new study.
Calpol may nearly double risk of asthma in children
Scientists have found the first evidence that particles of air pollution travel through pregnant women’s lungs and lodge in their placentas.
Air pollution particles found in mothers' placentas
Watching an infant propel herself across the floor on wheels in a saucer-shaped baby walker may be as entertaining as a comedy episode. But because hospital emergency rooms treat more than 2,000 babies a year for injuries while using these walkers, American pediatricians are repeating their decades-old call for a ban.
As injuries continue, doctors renew call for ban on infant walkers
In a large clinical trial to determine the risks and benefits of daily low-dose aspirin in healthy older adults without previous cardiovascular events, aspirin did not prolong healthy, independent living (life free of dementia or persistent physical disability).
Daily low-dose aspirin found to have no effect on healthy life span in older people
People who suffer with persistent asthma from a young age are more likely to leave school at 16 years old and those who make it to university are more likely to drop out early, according to new research presented today at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.
Children with asthma less likely to finish school and work in non-manual occupations
The failure of England's public healthy body to publish results of three major studies into vaccines for children makes it impossible for experts to establish whether the drugs could be harmful, scientists have claimed.
PHE withholding vaccines results making it impossible to establish if drugs could be harmful

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