Bloating is a common symptom for those with coeliac as the condition causes inflammation in the digestive tract and results in bloating as well as many other digestive issues.
When bloating could be a sign of serious condition
Knee pain is very common and can be caused by lots of things, from arthritis to injury. The problem could be in the joints themselves, or indicate an issue with the tendons (the cords that attach muscle to bone) or ligaments (which connect the thigh bone to the lower leg bones to stabilize the knee).
Say goodbye to knee pain with these effective remedies
Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, computers can now assist doctors in diagnosing disease and help monitor patient vital signs from hundreds of miles away.
How artificial intelligence can transform psychiatry
Export of stem cells has enjoyed a significant growth in the current Iranian year, Deputy of Vice President of Science and Technology Development for Stem Cell Science and Technology Amir Ali Hamidieh said on Wednesday.
Iran's stem cell exports enjoy dramatic growth
Pneumonia killed more than 800,000 babies and young children last year — or one child every 39 seconds — despite being curable and mostly preventable, global health agencies said on Tuesday.
Pneumonia kills a child every 39 seconds, health agencies say
UK children do an hour less of exercise each day by the time they finish primary school, a study has suggested.
UK children do an hour less of exercise each day by the time they turn 11: Study
To what extent do factors such as education and socioeconomic position affect our thinking skills and memory over time? Not as much as one might think, a new study suggested.
Does childhood cognition predict dementia risk later in life?
Doctors consider a variety of factors to determine a person's risk of experiencing cardiovascular events, including age, smoking history, and blood pressure. But changes to the blood vessels in the back of the eye may make for a more accurate prediction.
Could the eyes predict cardiovascular risk?
The liver is one of the hardest working organs you have. It performs a stunning 500 processes in the body, including bile production, fat metabolization, vitamin and mineral storage, and blood filtration. It is also the only organ we have that can regenerate.
Foods that naturally cleanse liver

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