Two light aircraft collided mid-air on their final approach at a regional aerodrome in New Zealand on Sunday killing both pilots, police said.
Two dead after light planes collide mid-air in New Zealand
A small congregation in white hard hats attended mass at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on Saturday, the first service since fire devastated the Gothic landmark two months ago.
Worshippers in safety hats attend Notre-Dame's first mass since fire
Are you a waterfront owner who does not mind dead whales on your property? There's a special offer for you in Washington state.
Washington state waterfront landowners are getting an unusual request: Take in dead whales
Drought-hit Namibia has authorized the sale of at least 1,000 wild animals — including elephants and giraffes — to limit loss of life and generate $1.1 million for conservation, the authorities confirmed Saturday.
Namibia forced by drought to auction 1,000 wild animals
BP has serviced an injunction against Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise amid growing tensions between the oil giant and the environmentalist group.
Tensions rising amid Greenpeace's BP protests
A captain of a search-and-rescue ship potentially facing up to 20 years in jail in connection with her role in saving 6,000 people from drowning in the Mediterranean accused the European Union (EU) of letting people die and the Italian authorities of “criminalizing solidarity”.
Captain of migrant rescue ship says Italy 'criminalizing solidarity'
A Chilean auxiliary bishop appointed by Pope Francis less than a month ago resigned, just weeks after he made controversial comments about the lack of women in attendance at the Last Supper.
Chile bishop resigns after suggesting there is a reason the Last Supper had no women
How do we, as a human community, see one another? Do we see each other as objects of compassion, as connected to us, or as separate, distinct, and different enough to pose a threat to our security? We may tell ourselves that we don’t see color or perceive racial differences. But, of course, we do. How does telling ourselves this obscure the truth and keep us from more fully developing equality, freedom, and our human potential?
Cultivating conversations on unconscious bias

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