The 70 or so islands of Orkney may be isolated, sitting off the northernmost tip of the Scottish mainland, but they’re at the heart of an energy revolution.
Orkney Islands: Energy revolution starts here
Chinese researchers have disclosed that more rainfall during wet seasons promotes the release of carbon dioxide from the soil, according to a recent research paper published in the journal Ecology and Evolution.
More rainfall in wet seasons promotes more CO2 released from soil: Research
Imagine you are looking up into the night sky, when you see a bright flash. It only lasts for a fraction of a second. Now imagine trying to figure out what it was. This is the challenge astronomers face when trying to study fast radio bursts (FRBs).
Unusual radio telescope could hold key to understanding fast radio bursts
South Korea's first locally-built satellite-carrying rocket is on track for a launch in early 2021, the state-run aerospace research institute said on Sunday, opening a new chapter in the country's space exploration program.
South Korea to launch first locally-built space rocket in 2021
Toxic seaweed might be a coral’s worst nightmare. So what do corals do when danger strikes? They call in backup.
How corals use fish as bodyguards against toxic seaweed
Germany’s interior minister suggested that his country can’t build a 5G mobile network without Chinese tech giant Huawei, at least for now, intervening in an issue that has caused tensions between the US and its allies.
Minister: Germany needs China’s Huawei to build 5G network
The Islamic Republic of Iran is due to send a highly advanced version of its satellites on discovery missions, the latest breakthrough in the field of aerospace by the country’s competent experts and specialists.
ISA: Zafar satellite tops ready-to-launch list
The days of needing to have medical devices removed through an invasive procedure could be numbered. Researchers have produced gadgets such as gastric balloons that break down when light from a swallowable LED shines upon them.
LEDs used in tests to replace invasive medical procedures
In April 2019,, which helps users find lost or misplaced items, suddenly found itself competing with Apple Inc., after years of enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship with the iPhone maker.
Break up big tech's 'monopoly', smaller rivals tell US Congress hearing
An exquisite fossil of a fierce little Chinese dinosaur dubbed the “dancing dragon” that lived 120 million years ago — an older cousin of the Velociraptor — is showing scientists that feathers grew differently on dinosaurs than on birds.
'Dancing dragon' shows feathers grew differently on dinosaurs, birds

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