At the opening ceremony of Oman’s National University of Science and Technology in Muscat, the officials of new university thanked Iranian officials for helps to set up new academy in Oman.
Oman opens new university cooperated by three Iranian universities
The study, led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), is the first systematically to examine the extent to which projected changes such as increases in temperature and reduced water availability could affect the production and nutritional quality of common crops such as tomatoes, leafy vegetables and pulses.
Predicted environmental changes could significantly reduce global production of vegetables
In 1965, a renowned Princeton University physicist theorized that ferroelectric metals could conduct electricity despite not existing in nature.
Physicists create new class of 2D artificial materials
Astronomers have discovered microscopic gemstones surrounding three infant star systems in the Milky Way.
Nanodiamonds explain mysterious source of Milky Way microwaves
An update to Tesla's Autopilot software coming in August will enable ‘full self-driving features’ for the automaker's electric cars, chief executive Elon Musk said.
New Tesla software to offer 'full' autonomy, Musk says
Much like someone listening to a conversation at a crowded party, a new artificial intelligence (AI) can tune out background noise in videos to hear what a particular person on screen is saying.
New AI can focus on one voice in crowd
NASA's Opportunity rover is currently hunkered down, waiting out a severe dust storm on Mars.
Opportunity rover sends transmission amid Martian dust storm
Over the last 50 years, the amount of oxygen in the world's oceans has declined by two percent. Models designed to simulate the phenomenon, however, have failed to reproduce such significant losses.
Study reveals missing drivers of ocean deoxygenation
Research led by the University of Sydney showed that under warm water events the nutritional balance of fish and squid changes and is of lower quality, while under cold water events it is of higher quality.
Nutritional quality of fish, squid reduced by warm water events
Almost a third of the natural gas fueling UK homes and businesses could be replaced by hydrogen, a carbon free fuel, without requiring any changes to the nation's boilers and ovens, a pioneering study by Swansea University in the UK, researchers have shown.
30 percent of the UK's natural gas could be replaced by hydrogen

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