Sleep apnea is common — but rarely diagnosed — among black Americans, researchers said.
Sleep apnea often missed in black Americans: Study
Much of modern Western medicine is based upon the treatment of acute, immediate harm, from physical injury to infections, from broken bones and the common cold to heart and asthma attacks.
Chronic diseases driven by metabolic dysfunction
Clinical practice guidelines play a critical role in promoting quality care for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI).
New guidelines for traumatic brain injury
Jet-air hand dryers in hospital toilets spread more germs than disposable paper towels and should not be used, say researchers.
Jet-air dryers should not be used in hospital toilets
A new method for treating skin wounds in mice has been discovered by scientists from the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. The research involves tricking cells in wounds into becoming healing surface skin cells.
Scientists reprogram cells in mice to heal skin wounds
A blood test that quickly and easily detects whether a person is at risk of a secondary heart attack is being developed by scientists at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.
Scientists developing new blood test to screen for secondary heart attack
By increasing fasting times between meals, male mice were healthier and lived longer compared with rodents who ate more frequently, according to a study.
Mice healthier, live longer with increased daily fasting times
There are plenty of reasons to work out, and this may be another: Exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells that improve thinking in mice with a form of Alzheimer's disease, a new study finds.
Exercise can boost brain cell growth in Alzheimer's
Diarrhoea is responsible for about 10 percent of deaths among the under-five in India.
Immunization drive for rotavirus launched in UP to curb infant diarrhea
Children whose mothers take fish oil supplements during pregnancy have more muscle and stronger bones in early childhood, a new trial has found.
Fish oil supplement in pregnancy improves child’s muscle and bone development

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