Kids are more likely to develop asthma if their moms chug sugary drinks during pregnancy, a new study suggested.
Study links sugary drinks during pregnancy to childhood asthma
Sleep quality improves significantly when people retire from work, a new study revealed.
Quality of rest improves when people retire from work
Men infected with human papillomavirus, or HPV, are at high risk for reinfection with the same type of HPV.
Men who have had HPV at high risk for repeat infection
It's never too late for women to lose weight to lower their breast cancer risk, a new study suggested.
Small, sustainable weight loss may reduce breast cancer risk
Five new categories of mental illness that cut across the current more broad diagnoses of anxiety and depression have been identified by researchers in a Stanford-led study.
Many different types of anxiety, depression exist: Study
By manufacturing self-assembling natural matrices that mimic those that normally surround cells to protect and direct them to a specific location in the body, researchers at Northwestern University (NU) has made body regenerating its own parts within reach.
Regenerative medicine therapy becoming possible
Popular video games can slow down ageing and give a boost to the brains of older people, according to a new report.
Slow down ageing: playing video games can give boost to the brains of older people
Age can often bring a loss of hearing, and for some, mental decline in the form of dementia. But are the two linked?
As hearing fades with age, dementia risk may rise
Hundreds of minor genetic mutations start to form in the cells of an embryo soon after conception, researchers have discovered.
Genes start mutating soon after life begins

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