SpaceX has signed its first customer to fly on the company’s huge new rocket, the BFR, the company said.
SpaceX says it will send someone around the Moon on its future monster rocket
Practice makes perfect, especially for spacecraft. NASA's Orion space capsule is no different.
NASA's Orion craft perfectly touches down during final test before Moon
A 30-strong Lebanese academic delegation visited Iran’s Ferdowsi University in northeastern city of Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, to find ways to develop relations with Iranian scientific center.
Lebanon seeking expansion of cooperation with Ferdowsi University
Health & Wellness Tourism
By Zohreh Qanadi
Study Visit to ‘Amazing Thailand’ – a paradise for longevity
In the search for abundant clean energy, scientists around the globe look to fusion power, where isotopes of hydrogen combine to form a larger particle, helium, and release large amounts of energy in the process.
Separating sound from noise in hot plasma fusion
The world’s largest hot desert — with a scant population, strong winds and unobstructed exposure to the sun — is an idyllic landscape for generating renewable energy, according to new research.
Going green could make the Sahara Desert…go green
It may be human nature to want to assign blame for terrible events — and since climate change became part of public consciousness, it's a frequently faulted for natural disasters. Is Hurricane Florence our fault for emitting climate-changing greenhouse gases, or perhaps policy makers’ fault for allowing us to do so?
Climate change, hurricanes and hazards of connecting dots
Two to three million years ago, the functional loss of a single gene triggered a series of significant changes in what would eventually become the modern human species, altering everything from fertility rates to increasing cancer risk from eating red meat.
Single gene mutation may have helped humans become optimal long-distance runners
In the northern hemisphere, climate change is causing spring to arrive earlier.
Climate change hitting nature’s delicate interdependencies
A turtle conservation park on the French island of Corsica is asking the public for help after 56 rare Hermann's tortoises, considered a nearly threatened species, were stolen from the site.
Dozens of rare Hermann's tortoises stolen in Corsica

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