The European commission has called for action over the risks posed by pharmaceutical chemicals discharged into the environment.
EU sets goal of tackling pharmaceutical pollution in the environment
A United Nations Environment Assembly meeting which was held in Nairobi from March 11-15 considered whether to start assessing, and setting rules on, technologies that could pull carbon out of the atmosphere or block some of the sun’s warmth to cool the Earth.
Experts urge use of greener technologies to help combat climate change
In the space of just two weeks, two large icebergs broke off the Grey Glacier in Chilean Patagonia — a sign of accelerating climate change, experts said.
Receding Chilean glacier a 'sign of accelerating climate change'
One hundred and seventy countries have pledged to ‘significantly reduce’ the use of plastics by 2030.
UN resolution pledges to plastic reduction by 2030
Schools have become “an unofficial fourth emergency service” for vulnerable families across England and Wales, offering food parcels, clothing and laundry facilities to those worst affected by austerity, according to a new report by a head teachers’ union.
Schools have become 'fourth emergency service' for poorest British families
The Japanese government released on Friday a set of ordinances on how to enlist foreign workers under a new visa system to start from April, including requiring employers to pay wages equivalent to or higher than those of Japanese nationals.
Japan issues rules for companies hiring foreigners via new system
Cyprus has the second highest share of non-nationals in the resident population among the EU 28, according to figures for 2018 issued by Eurostat on Friday.
Cyprus has second highest share of non-nationals in resident population in EU
Parents of seriously ill or premature babies will become instrumental in nursing them to health as part of a new neonatal project.
Parents to comfort critically ill babies in Aberdeen
A team of scientists and designers recently teamed up to create a tool that would show Australians what the climate is expected to be like in their cities in the year 2050 — and it led to a startling discovery
Startling new climate tool shows that by 2050, Australia won't have a winter at all
Ranagul Karman and her family are settling into their new home in Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China.
Out of the mountains, out of poverty

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