China will continue to enforce production restrictions in heavy industry in winter this year and will tighten its emission assessment on steel mills when granting exemptions from curbs already in place, an environment ministry official said on Saturday.
China plans to toughen emission checks on steel mills
By Denis McDonough and Cecilia Muñoz*
Cruelty won’t stop crisis at US border
For almost all of human history, the Earth’s population has skewed younger. But since the last World Population Day on July 11, 2018, a major shift occurred: There are now more people age 65 and older than there are under age five.
There are now more people over 65 than under five; what that means?
The United Nation’s key global poverty index has identified that conditions for the world’s poorest 40 percent are improving more quickly than for those just above them.
UN: Conditions improve for world's poorest but children bear greatest burden
A team of researchers is fascinated by the remains of an ancient bird with an unusual feature: Its middle toes are longer than the lower legs. The fossil was recovered from an amber deposit in Myanmar.
Ancient bird fossil fascinates researchers
Cigarettes make up nearly 55 percent of all litter in Ireland, according to a report from the state’s litter monitoring body.
Cigarettes account for half of all litter in Ireland, report finds
For the last two weeks, Shanghai residents have grappled with a singular question: “What kind of trash are you?”
Shanghai grapples with strict new recycling laws
Wilfrid Macena was a welder who built gas station tanks for a living when the devastating 2010 earthquake toppled a wall at the garage where he worked and crushed his right leg.
Disabled workers help Haitians who lost limbs in 2010 quake
Hundreds of miles from their homes, a group of laborers are toiling in a cold Indian Himalayan desert to repair some of the world's highest roads.
Indian workers toil at one of world's highest roads

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