Political commentator and activist Noam Chomsky says ISIL and “radical jihadism” are the United States’ own creation.
ISIL natural outgrowth of Washington: Chomsky
A political analyst has predicted that Iran may use military force to defuse the threat of the ISIL terrorist group against its borders.
Analyst: Iran may use force against ISIL
Washington is intentionally using ISIL to gain a foothold in Syria rather than stop training terrorists, says an analyst.
US after foothold to bring down Assad: Commentator
Turkey does not mind using the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group as a pretext to invade Syria, says an American author.
Turkey would like to use ISIL as gambit: American author
Efforts by Saudi Arabia in sowing sectarian divide in Yemen against a pro-democracy movement are likely to ignite civil war, says an analyst.
Yemen teetering on edge of civil war: Analyst
An American antiwar activist says Washington does not want “its evil torture practices to get out" by trying to close a court hearing on force-feeding of a prisoner at the Guantanamo prison that is “not the only place the US tortures people.”
Guantanamo prison is not US 'only torture camp': Activist
By Farzaneh Shokri & Mostafa Shirmohammadi -- Uncontrolled use of water in Tehran and a number of other metropolitans coupled with a substantial reduction in precipitation in recent years have sounded the alarm over serious water shortage and prompted the government to warn citizens not to waste water.
Prudent management key to tackling water shortage
The advances of black-clad ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria raised the alarm and led to the formation of an international coalition spearheaded by the United States. The US has now shifted from the policy of containment to elimination of the terrorist group.
US-led coalition unlikely to defeat ISIL
The US and its Western and regional allies have forged a military coalition against ISIL following the deepening of the crisis created by the terrorist group in Iraq. Iran, as a key player in the Middle East, has announced that it will not take part in any international alliance formed by the countries that once supported the Takfiri militants but will help Iraq and Syria counter threats posed by ISIL and guarantee their national security. Iran Daily interviewed the acting chairman of Majlis Research Center and a member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Javad Jahangirzadeh about Iran's role in tackling the ISIL.
MP: Iran keeps aiding Iraq, Syria against ISIL

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