An Oklahoma judge found Johnson & Johnson guilty in fueling the state's opioid crises and ordered the corporation to pay $572 million in a landmark ruling with vast implications.
Judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $572m
Schoolchildren in Canada ate higher quality foods but still not enough dark greens in 2015 compared to those in 2004, according to a new University of British Columbia study.
Canadian schoolchildren eating better than they used to: Study
Supplements have gone beyond a multivitamin or iron capsule. Today, they come in various forms: From sophisticated combinations — vitamin D3 with K2, K1, MK7, MK4, for instance, to ‘heritage’ Ayurveda powders: Ashwagandha, milk thistle. Or companies sell them in the form of health drinks and protein shakes.
Are daily supplements good for health?
A new study suggests there may be genetic explanations for why some children with poor language also have poor mental health.
Genetic link between children’s language and poor mental health identified
Researchers at Orlando Health are making new progress in finding ways to detect a traumatic yet sinister brain injury — and getting closer to preventing further damage.
Study: Blood test detects concussion and subconcussive injuries in children and adults
A recent study indicates that certain physicians who care for patients with cancer do not often promote healthy lifestyle changes to cancer survivors, and they may fear that providing such advice would distress or overwhelm patients.
Are physicians helping cancer survivors live healthy lives?
According to a research backed by World Health Organization (WHO), one in five Indians suffer from some mental health condition. Of these, only 10-12 percent seek help or are aware that they have a mental problem.
Are you depressed? Weight lifting can help you be happy
When John Searle started to fall down and lose his memory, he thought it was the early signs of dementia. But it turns out he has a rare — and often undiagnosed — condition called normal pressure hydrocephalus. The good news is it's treatable.
Treatable disease often mistaken for Alzheimer's
Lyme disease may have an innocent sounding name, but it’s a nasty condition transmitted by ticks which, left untreated, can lead to severe health problems. Here are three parts of body you should always check after visiting grassy and woodland areas, as well as other symptoms you should look out for.
Three parts of your body you should always check for tick bites
A patient who had recently been vaping has died in the US after developing severe lung disease, officials said, as authorities scrambled to find the cause behind almost 200 more potential cases.
US probes link between vaping, lung disease as patient dies

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