We've all learned this one in school, right? "My very excellent mother just served us nine pizzas." The planets get further apart the further you go out from the sun, therefore Venus is closer to Earth than Mars, or indeed any other planet.
On average, Earth is closer to Mercury than to Venus
A marine biologist has had her say on an extraordinary claim that octopuses evolved from extraterrestrial ‘cryopreserved’ eggs hundreds of millions of years ago, which if true might explain their extraordinary intelligence and complexity.
Are octopuses aliens? 'There's something going on behind their eyes'
A team of scientists used cutting edge techniques to create legions of bug-shaped, laser-controlled robots, each of which is roughly the width of a human hair, with revolutionary implications for surgery techniques and space exploration.
‘Tiny nanorobots can revolutionize surgery and space exploration’
Engineers working to tackle carcinogenic pollution from cars developed cheap and simple devices to test the effectiveness of particle filters, which could help take toxic vehicles off roads without resorting to blanket bans.
Engineers develop cheap, simple tests for car emissions
A Russian cosmonaut and two US astronauts arrived on Friday at the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, five months after the failed launch of a rocket carrying two of the passengers.
Three astronauts on Soyuz craft successfully reach ISS
Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics organizers launched their ambitious Robot Project on Friday, unveiling two of the robots designed to assist supporters, workers and athletes at the Games.
Tokyo 2020 Olympics unveils robots to help wheelchair users, workers
Tesla launched its latest car, the Model Y, its second mass-market electric vehicle.
Musk adds new Model Y to electric car lineup
An increasing number of IT startups and manufacturers have begun working to develop educational robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to offer more personalized education in accordance with each student's characteristics and needs, South Korean industry officials said Wednesday.
South Korea’s Classting, Wonik Robotics to develop AI robots for students
Who did not dream of being an astronaut when they were a kid? And yet to date, only 536 humans have been to space.
Astronaut trainer job of the future
Toyota Motor Corp., one of the world’s largest automakers, and Japan’s space agency said on Tuesday they had agreed to cooperate in developing a manned lunar rover that runs on fuel cell technologies.
Toyota, Japan space agency join forces to develop Moon rover

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