Automakers and technology companies racing to develop self-driving vehicles are running into a problem: cars that can think are no good without affordable and reliable technology that allows cars to see.
Chaotic market for one sensor stalls self-driving cars
Sometimes in forecasting tornadoes, you can get everything technically right, and yet it all goes horribly wrong.
Tornado forecasting improves, but still deaths keep coming
NASA's Mars InSight mission is stuck between a rock and a hard place — quite literally.
InSight lander pauses drilling due to rocks beneath Mars' surface, NASA says
A new wireless system for monitoring the vital signs of the most fragile newborns — those born prematurely or with debilitating diseases — could make it easier for parents to have skin to skin contact with their babies, a preliminary study suggested.
New wireless monitors will let parents cuddle fragile newborns
The UK is one of the priciest countries in Europe for mobile phone data, with Britons typically paying almost six times more than their counterparts in Finland, according to a new study.
UK among countries with priciest mobile data plans in Europe
Sweden’s Volvo Buses and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on Tuesday unveiled a full-size autonomous electric bus for testing this year in the city state.
Volvo to test full-size driverless bus in Singapore
Carmakers are dreaming up futuristic electric car engine sounds to ensure that pedestrians can hear vehicles that lack audible cues like high-revving, howling combustion engines, senior executives at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, said.
Carmakers seek electric car sounds for post-petrol era
SpaceX’s new capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS), becoming the first American-made designed-for-crew spacecraft to pull up in eight years.
SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully docks with ISS
The new method will allow the weight and production cost of a rocket to be reduced, while increasing payload and implementing more sophisticated cooling systems.
German engineers successfully produce and test 3d-printed rocket engine
Until recently, trying to study key traits of cells from people and other animals often meant analyzing bulk samples of tissue, producing a mushed-up average of results from many cell types. It was like trying to learn about a banana by studying a strawberry-blueberry-orange-banana smoothie.
New techniques let scientists zero in on individual cells

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