Great swathes of the Solar System should be preserved as official ‘space wilderness’ to protect planets, moons and other heavenly bodies from rampant mining and other forms of industrial exploitation, scientists said.
Protect Solar System from mining 'gold rush', say scientists
Facebook said on Sunday it had taken down numerous Italian accounts on its platform that were false or were spreading fake news ahead of a European parliamentary election later this month.
Facebook takes down fake Italian accounts ahead of EU election
A team of paleontologists from China, Britain and Russia recently discovered that the oxygen content changes of the atmosphere and ocean were key factors affecting the Cambrian evolutionary explosion of animals 540 million years ago.
Study: Oxygen content changes key to animal evolution during Cambrian Explosion
Elon Musk just gave us the first look at his rocket company's bold plan to bring ultra-high-speed Internet to the entire world.
Elon Musk shows off 60 of first 'Internet-changing' SpaceX satellites
After some recent disasters, Apple got its act together with iOS 12.2, it's a rock solid release and you should upgrade.
Apple iOS 13 shock release news delivers iPhone update warning
An ancient lizard fossil believed to be the ancestor of modern skinks is shedding new light on the species.
15-million-year-old fossil reveals skinks had crushing jaw, rounded teeth
NASA is desperate for its own transportation solution to send astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS).
SpaceX’s recent parachute tests came up short of expectations
Scientists from the University of Cambridge created the smallest yet pixels, a million times smaller than those in smartphones, which can be used for large-scale flexible displays.
Scientists create smallest pixels applicable in large-scale flexible displays

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