Climate protesters have lay ‘dead’ in the heart of Melbourne as thousands rallied for urgent federal government action on the environment.
Climate protesters hold Melbourne ‘die-in’
China aims to relocate more than 80 percent of its hazardous chemical production capacity by the end of next year, state media reported on Friday, as it embarks on far-reaching reforms in the sector following a fatal explosion at a factory in March.
China aims to relocate 80% of toxic chemical producers after blast: report
McDonald’s Corp. was accused on Tuesday in 25 new lawsuits and regulatory charges of condoning sexual harassment in the workplace and retaliating against employees who speak up.
McDonald's faces 25 new harassment complaints from workers
More than 150 million people are gaining access to electricity every year, reducing the ranks of those who live without power, but this is not enough to meet global development goals, according to a report released Wednesday.
Study: World nations failing poorest on energy goals
Toothless and nearly blind, grandmother Pham Thi Ca refuses to leave her plot of land even after bulldozers demolished her house — an extraordinary holdout against Communist Vietnam's deepening addiction to coal.
99-year-old grandma standing up to Vietnam's coal rush
A web of far-right Facebook accounts spreading fake news and hate speech to millions of people across Europe were uncovered by the campaign group Avaaz.
Far-right Facebook groups 'spreading hate to millions in Europe'
Worldwide corals are either bleaching or choking and eventually dying and the Persian Gulf is not an exception, but what are the main threats and how is it possible to counter the threats?
Corals bleaching and choking in Persian Gulf
Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds are to be banned in England from April next year in a move campaigners have welcomed but warned will “only scratch the surface” in tackling the damage that non-degradable waste is doing to the environment.
Plastic straws, cotton buds to be banned in England next year
Native Americans' use of fire to manage vegetation in what is now the Eastern US was more profound than previously believed, according to a Penn State researcher who determined that forest composition change in the region was caused more by land use than climate change.
Eastern forests shaped more by Native Americans' burning than climate change
Eight Portuguese police officers were found guilty of kidnapping and beating up six black youths in a neighborhood near Lisbon in 2015.
Portugal police convicted of attack on black youths

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