Literacy Movement Organization of Iran was awarded the 2018 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy for its program 'Consolidated teaching of literacy and ICDL basic computer skills'.
Iran's literacy movement wins UNESCO Confucius Prize
UNESCO will on Monday organize an international meeting aimed at rebuilding the war-torn ancient Iraqi city Mosul’s cultural heritage, rehabilitating its education system and revitalizing its cultural life, the UN culture body announced.
UNESCO holds event to revive cultural heritage in Mosul
Esmaeil Damirchi, an Iranian veteran of printing industry, died Friday at a Tehran hospital at the age of 85.
Iranian veteran of printing industry Damirchi dies aged 85
Iranian painter and a professor of abstract art Mohsen Vaziri-Moqaddam, who has been described as the 'pioneer of modern Iranian abstract art', died in Rome, Italy at the age of 94.
Pioneer of modern Iranian abstract art Vaziri-Moqaddam dies at 94
The 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth wrapped up in Isfahan after awarding the winners in various categories.
Winners of Int'l Film Festival for Children and Youth named
Iran is taking part in the 31st Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) along with more than 300 publishers from 25 countries.
Iran participating in Moscow Int'l Book Fair
Traditional carpet weaving in Kashan in Isfahan Province is one of the most fabulous Iranian fine arts. UNESCO has inscribed this skill representing the symbol of ‘city weaving style and Persian weaving style’ as an intangible cultural heritage of Iran in 2010.
Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan
The tomb of Shah Nureddin Nematollah Vali, poet, sage, Sufi and founder of an order of dervishes, is located in Mahan, Kerman Province. It has twin minarets covered with turquoise tiles from the bottom up to the cupola.
Shah Nematollah Vali Tomb, a splendid and beautiful edifice
The ‘Mona Lisa’ has her own room in the Louvre, where she attracts six million visitors each year. Her room is frequently crowded with frenzied guests attempting to catch a glimpse of her enigmatic smile.
Physician solves mystery of Mona Lisa's smile

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