New research compares the long term effect of two different forms of therapy for chronic depression and finds that the benefits of one approach, which experts developed specifically for this form of depression, fade two years after the treatment ends.
Chronic depression: Form of CBT may fail after two years
Most of us know that water is pretty important for keeping us alive. The average human body is made up of around 60 percent water — so if we let ourselves get too dehydrated the health implications can be really severe.
A third of Brits confess they don’t drink any water on a daily basis
For decades, immunologists have been trying to train the transplant recipient's immune system to accept transplanted cells and organs without the long-term use of anti-rejection drugs. New University of Minnesota preclinical research shows that this is now possible.
Study could open a new era in transplantation medicine
Researchers used artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in breast cancer and uncovered five new types of the disease each matched to different personalized treatments.
Researchers use AI to recognize breast cancer patterns
Colorado stands out on the map of US obesity rates, a cool green rectangle surrounded by more alarming shades of yellow, orange and red.
Obesity plagues people in one of US healthiest states
In a recent study, mice that ate a diet with reduced levels of a particular amino acid responded better to cancer treatments.
How dietary change might boost cancer therapy
One of the most dangerous risks expectant mothers face as their delivery date approaches is a surprisingly common condition with a little-known name: Placental accreta.
How 'natural-killer' cells might help women avoid deadly risk of childbirth
Babies born during winter are at higher risk of developing mental health disorders, new research found.
Winter babies at 'higher risk of mental health disorders'
Only about 50 percent of cases of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being identified, the government's response coordinator said.
Half of Ebola cases in DR Congo 'unidentified'

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