Archeologists in Mexico have found the first temple to the pre-Hispanic deity Xipe Totec, a god of fertility and war who was worshipped by sacrificing and skinning captives.
Archeologists find Mexico temple to god of skinning sacrifices
A highlight of every New Year is Boston Festival of Films from Iran at Museum of Fine Arts, which for many years has brought varied and compelling works by contemporary Iranian filmmakers to local audiences.
'No Date, No Signature' to open Boston Festival of Films
A book titled 'Khomeini, Revolutionary of God' dealing with the personality and style of leadership of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was published in Italy.
'Khomeini, Revolutionary of God' released in Italy
Official poster for the 37th Fajr Film Festival, which was sketched by Hamidreza Beidaqi, was unveiled in a ceremony.
37th Fajr Film Festival poster unveiled
Prominent Iranian Qur'an reciter Mahdi Adeli received was acclaimed by Muslims taking part in mosque ceremonies in cities throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Bosnians laud Iranian Qur'an reciter
A total of 1,879 American tourists traveled to Iran during the nine months from March 21-December 21, 2018.
Spokesman: Nearly 1,900 Americans visited Iran in nine months
Two Iranian shorts, 'Raheel' by Ayat Asadi Rahbar and 'The Future Car' by Asadollah Gholamali, were selected for the competition section of Third Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela.
Five Continents awaiting Iranians
Pakistan would welcome the screening of Iranian movies in the country and vice versa, said Pakistan’s ambassador to Iran.
Pakistan calls for screening Iranian movies
Almost every visitor who enters ‘Room of Mysteries’ at the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival lets out a gasp of appreciation. The darkened space, occupying an alcove of Sharjah Art Museum, contains a large ceiling screen playing a video of the constellations of the night sky from which several illuminated cords hang and are gathered together to resemble a kind of cosmic jellyfish. Emanating from every corner are the hypnotic tones of British singer/songwriter Sami Yusuf: The overall effect is magical.
Why this year's Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival is better than ever
Tehran’s Vali-e Asr Street has been registered on UNESCO’s temporary list of global heritage, according to Tehran mayor.
Mayor: Tehran’s Vali-e Asr Street on UNESCO’s temporary list

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