So far, this flu season has claimed 42 lives in California alone, The Los Angeles Times reported.
California's flu season death toll tops 40: Report
Coffee is credited for tons of health merits. It can help lower your risk of several health ailments including diabetes type II, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological disorders as well.
Here is how coffee can help protect your brain
High blood pressure risk could be lowered by making some exercise or diet changes. Doing this workout routine every day could trigger deadly hypertension symptoms, and may be spiking your heart rate to dangerous levels
High blood pressure warning — the one type of exercise you should avoid
Many studies have shown that chronic exposure to stress, anxiety, and negative moods generally can affect physical health to a large extent.
How do our emotions affect our immune response?
Iron deficiency is when you lack the mineral in your body and this can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Symptoms can develop and lead to complications that can affect the lungs and heart, so recognizing the signs as early as possible is very important. One to watch for can affect the ear.
Iron deficiency symptoms: This sign in your ear could indicate the condition
Kids with pneumonia may be more likely to receive recommended antibiotics when they’re treated at a children’s hospital than when they’re seen elsewhere, a US study suggests.
Children's hospitals more likely to give recommended antibiotics for pneumonia
Most teens eat far less fiber than recommended, and this nutritional deficit may lead to a higher risk of diabetes and high blood pressure in the future, a US study suggests.
Few US teens get enough fiber
A new study published in the British Medical Journal showed that there is no solid science backing claims by artificial sweetener companies that their products are inherently healthier for people.
Research: Sugar substitutes are not healthier than real sugar
The debate over whether eggs are good or bad for you seems to be unending, but here's a new study that scores one for the pro-egg team.
An egg a day keeps the doctor away?
A new study showed that men are more likely than women to die of brain cancer because of fundamental differences in the way the cancer develops, with important implications for the future of treatment.
Brain cancer kills men more often, more quickly than women: Study

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