A mother's exposure to particulate air pollution during pregnancy is associated with reduced cardiac response to stress in six-month-old infants, according to Mount Sinai (a hospital network in New York City) research published in Environmental Health Perspectives.
Prenatal air pollution exposure linked to infants' decreased heart rate response to stress
Treating peanut allergy with regular exposure to small amounts of the food is effective — but only if a patient stays on the therapy, a study suggests.
Peanut-allergy therapy 'protection not a cure'
For more than one million children attending New York City public schools, their choice of what to eat depends on which food sources are close to where they live.
How far schoolkids live from junk food sources tied to obesity
Parents in the UK have called for tests on restaurant furniture to be part of hygiene inspections after highchairs were found to be dirtier than tables.
British restaurant highchairs 'dirtier than tables' in UK
People with a higher genetic likelihood of autism are more likely to report higher childhood maltreatment, self-harm and suicidal thoughts according to a new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge.
Genetic variants for autism linked to higher rates of self-harm and childhood maltreatment
An infectious disease that can harm the brain and is spread to people by tick bites has been identified in ticks in the UK for the first time.
Brain illness spread by ticks has reached UK
The second of three forms of the polio virus has been eradicated, experts have announced.
'Milestone' in polio eradication achieved

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