New guidelines on diagnosing high blood pressure could mean thousands more people benefiting from treatment in England and Wales.
High blood pressure drugs to be offered to thousands more in England and Wales
Diabetes type 2 risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes.
Best diet plan for high blood sugar
Primary care doctors in US are really good at checking seniors' cholesterol levels and blood pressure but often fail to use tests that could detect dementia.
Alzheimer's screenings often left out of seniors' wellness exams in US
The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine does not cause autism.
Study shows vaccines do not cause autism
People may want to think twice about using aspirin to prevent heart attacks or stroke, a study said.
Doubling up on blood thinners increases risk for excessive bleeding
The health of Scottish children is at risk because of a shortage of pediatric doctors, a new report warned.
Report: Scottish children’s health at risk due to doctor shortage
A British man may be the second person to be cured of HIV after doctors said he was in ‘sustained remission’ after being given stem cells from a donor with genetic resistance to the disease.
British man may be second to be 'cured' of HIV
Your heart can be damaged after a sad event and it may be your brain's doing, experts believe.
Brain clue to 'broken heart' syndrome
Many people consider logging everything that they eat to be a tedious task. However, this effective weight-loss technique takes much less time than most people think, according to a recent study.
'Log often, lose more'  weight

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