Researchers have developed a new battery they claim can power a phone for five continuous days, or allow an electric vehicle to travel more than 1,000km without needing to recharge.
'World’s most efficient battery' can power a smartphone for five days
The world’s largest and most influential consumer tech show is set to get underway in Las Vegas next week, ushering in a new decade of technologies.
CES 2020 set for ‘artificial humans’ and transport pods
American scientist Frances Arnold, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, has retracted her latest paper.
Nobel Prize-winning scientist retracts paper
Scientists have devised a new way of extracting methane gas from permafrost gas-hydrates. They say the discovery could increase the amount of methane recovered from these sites, while reducing the amount of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere from other fuel combustion processes — in effect, making the process "more environmentally friendly."
Scientists find way to extract methane from permafrost
In the center of bustling and busy Barcelona there is unusual quiet: Just the babble of children playing in a small playground and the sound of the birds.
Barcelona experiencing car-free smart city
Artificial intelligence programmers are developing bots that can identify digital bullying and sexual harassment.
Scientists develop AI to detect harassment in emails
Apple is pushing ahead with a lawsuit against Corellium, in what is being labeled as a move to end jailbreaking.
Apple accused of crackdown on jailbreaking
The fatal December 29 crash of a Tesla Inc. vehicle in Southern California will be investigated by the US government’s auto safety regulator, the agency said on Tuesday.
US auto safety agency to investigate fatal Tesla crash in California
If you follow space news and astronomy, the past year offered no shortage of highlights.
Rocket launches, trips to Mars and more 2020 space and astronomy events
Sulfur will be cut drastically from global shipping transport fuels in 2020, in a move that should reduce some forms of air pollution, and may help towards tackling the climate emergency — but which could also lead to a rise in the price of flights.
Shipping fuel regulation to cut sulfur levels comes into force

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