People who experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse as children are two to three times more likely to kill themselves as adults, new research found.
Childhood abuse increases risk of adult suicide, research finds
New Zealand is on the cusp of a second consecutive marine heatwave, with temperatures along parts of the east coast now about 3°C warmer than summer averages.
East coast seas warmer than January 2018
US emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, spiked last year after falling for the previous three, as cold weather spurred natural gas demand for heating and as the economy pushed planes and trucks to guzzle fuel, an estimate showed.
US emissions of carbon dioxide spiked in 2018
Experts have said there is need to manage sand extraction to avoid huge environmental impact. It said that about 50 billion tons of sand and gravel are used around the world every year.
50 billion tons of sand used globally
California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed spending $305 million to improve California’s planning and response to wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes, focusing the state’s efforts on evacuating elderly and disabled residents who became trapped in recent disasters.
California to spend millions more on disaster response
A prison in England was praised by inspectors for installing a photo-booth so inmates can take pictures with family members, amid evidence that bolstering personal relationships can reduce the likelihood of reoffending.
British prison praised for installing photo-booth for inmates, visitors
Imagine working for an employer who, aware that you are probably not sleeping enough at night, allows you to down tools and nap as part of your regular work duties — and not just forty winks at your desk, but a restorative snooze in a quiet room.
Japanese firms tackle epidemic of sleeplessness
England must launch the biggest council and social house building drive in its history to rescue millions of people from a future in dangerous, overcrowded or unsuitable homes, a cross-party commission told the government.
England needs three million new social homes by 2040, says  report
Australia will pay a price in economic welfare if the world implements the Paris agreement on climate change, but will not be better off if it follows US President Donald Trump's example and withdraws unilaterally, new research shows.
Paris Agreement costs Australia, but withdrawing costs more

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