Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s apparent threat to ignore the will of parliament in order to force through a disorderly Brexit has touched off a flurry of speculation on British social media.
PM's aides are reportedly encouraging him to go down as a "martyr"
Russians have taken to the polls to cast their ballots in local and regional elections held at a time of a political thaw between Russia and Ukraine as well as simmering tensions with the US over the suspension of a Cold War-era treaty.
Russians go to polls as Putin squares up to bellicose US
Hundreds of "yellow vests" demonstrators gather in front of the steps of the Opéra Comédie in Montpellier, for a "national" call to action.
Yellow Vest protesters return to streets for 43rd week
There appears to be no end to gloomy stories about the immediate consequences of a no-deal Brexit. In the latest prediction, retailers have warned of shortages of fresh food resulting in price rises.
A hard Brexit will present a wide range of challenges and difficulties
Russia and Ukraine carried out a long-awaited swap of 70 prisoners on Saturday, in a deal hailed by President Volodymyr Zelensky as a "first step" toward ending their conflict.
Russia, Ukraine swap prisoners in landmark step to ease tensions
PM Boris Johnson’s derogatory comments on black people and Muslim women have unified minority communities in the UK, with the Commons’ first turbaned Sikh MP defending his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.
UK minority groups become bound together against Johnson’s racist rants
As the UK Parliament scrambles in an attempt to make heads or tails of the apparently insurmountable Brexit crisis, public systems, such as the National Health Service and the security apparatuses, have been put on the backburner.
Pre Brexit chaos throwing UK public services on the backburner
The European Union says there is "an advancement" in a long-anticipated trade mechanism, called the INSTEX, with Iran, after Tehran's announcement of further cuts in its commitments under a 2015 nuclear accord it signed with major world powers.
EU spokeswoman says Europe's trade mechanism with Iran going on
The former mayor of Vienna, Michael Häupl, criticized Washington's hostile policies against Tehran, stating that Austrian companies should show greater courage in trade with Iran.
Ex-Vienna mayor encourages Austrian firms to boost trade with Iran
Britain’s opposition parties said Friday that they won’t support Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call for an election when the issue gets voted on next week, piling more pressure on Britain’s embattled leader.
UK opposition parties reject Johnson’s election call

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