Think about a hot cup of delicious coffee, made from the finest beans roasted by the heat of a space capsule reentering the Earth’s atmosphere from orbit.
US company plans to roast coffee beans in space
A majority of voters in a closely-watched referendum on the Japanese island of Okinawa have reportedly rejected a controversial plan by the government to relocate and expand a US military base there.
Most Okinawans vote against US base plan: Exit polls
The US military’s expensive new tactical vehicle, designed to partially replace the ageing Humvee, is “not operationally suitable,” the US Defense Department’s testers have concluded.
Pentagon deems US military’s new $50bn tactical vehicle ‘not operationally suitable’
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said the enemy has sought to hamper the progress of Iran’s missile program but its plots have been foiled.
IRGC: Enemy plots to sabotage Iran missile program foiled
A NASA planetary scientist revealed that our Solar System’s ocean worlds could have the best possibility of hosting alien life.
NASA scientist: There might be ‘crazy form of methane-based life’ on Titan
Influential Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has slammed America's "ugly history" of racism and pointed to her bill to address housing discrimination against African Americans.
America has ugly history of racism: 2020 Dem presidential contender
US President Donald Trump is trying to create imaginary victories to rationalize his failed policies in an effort to prevent any erosion to his base of reality TV and tabloid news addicts, says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.
What exactly is Trump up to?
Ali only had two hours to save his baby's life. He careened through traffic and sped along highways to an east Tehran government pharmacy. When he saw some 800 people queued outside the facility, he dropped to his knees. Like him, they were waiting to obtain state-funded medications.
US killing Iranian patients with sanctions, CNN confirms
US President Donald Trump says the United States and China were moving closer toward a trade agreement and that he was inclined to extend his March 1 tariff deadline and meet soon with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but a final deal still remains elusive.
Trump may extend China trade deadline, but final deal remains elusive
Venezuelan police have fired tear gas canisters on raging crowds of anti-government protesters who wanted to cross the border into Colombia for work, amid opposition leader Juan Guaido's vow that humanitarian aid would enter the crisis-hit South American country in open defiance of President Nicolas Maduro.
Police teargas Venezuelan protesters at Colombia border amid aid row

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