The number of crocodile attacks in Australia could rise due to global warming, an expert said on Sunday.
Due to increase in temperature, risk of crocodile attacks can increase in Australia
A fire needs three things to start and survive — oxygen, heat and fuel.
Wildfire can affect the environment in more ways than you might expect
Last week, the UK government rejected recommendations from the Commons Environmental Audit Committee report on the impact of fast fashion – including a 1 pence per garment levy. Ministers also rejected a ban on burying or incinerating clothes that could be recycled. According to the Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) UK households sent 300,000 tons of clothing to landfill in 2016, wrote.
Ways that fashion threatens the planet
A floating device designed to catch plastic waste has been redeployed in a second attempt to clean up a huge island of garbage swirling in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.
Great Pacific garbage patch: Giant plastic trap put to sea again
Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers sought Friday to toss out the sex-trafficking claims of an actress the disgraced movie-making mogul maintains is trying to capitalize on the legal success of other women.
Weinstein fights sex-trafficking claims in actress’ lawsuit
There is perhaps no issue on Earth that is as truly global as that of climate change.
Which countries are doing the most to save the environment?
Exactly 146 days after leaving home in El Salvador, a petite, soft-spoken woman named Yolanda sat in a Texas courtroom seeking to reunite with her one-year-old grandson and teenage daughter, separated when they crossed the Mexican border.
From El Salvador to Texas, navigating US asylum maze
Europe is set to feel the heat as a sizzling heatwave is expected to bring temperatures as high as 40°C to parts of the continent next week.
Europe braces for 40°C temperatures as forecasters warn of 'unprecedented' heatwave
Angry residents fight in queues at water taps, lakes have been turned into barren moonscapes and restaurants are cutting back on meals as the worst drought in living memory grips India's Chennai.
Dry lakebeds and fights for water as drought grips India's Chennai

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