Iran unveiled a high pressure fire suppression system that can be carried by various aircraft to enable proportionate response in case of large-scale blazes.
Iran unveils advanced airborne firefighting system
Already dressed in his special costume, Greek presidential guard Christos Lialis stands absolutely still so his watch mate can affix his many-pleated fustanella skirt, the unit's world-renowned symbol.
Greece's skirt-wearing, selfie-attracting guard unit turns 150
California Governor Jerry Brown signed several gun control bills into law on Friday, including one measure that raises the minimum age for buying rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21.
California governor signs gun control bills into law
A once-exotic word that has now entered the everyday lexicon, a tsunami refers to a shock of water that spreads through the sea, usually after a subsea floor quake.
Facts on the nature of tsunami
Namakdan Mountain or Salty Dome — located in the southwest of Qeshm Island, Hormuzgan Province — is considered one of the natural attractions.
Salty Dome, a natural attraction of Qeshm
Raghaz canyon — located in southern province of Fars — is one of the most adventurous canyons of Iran.
Raghaz canyon, one of the best in Iran
The breathtaking Qavam House — often referred to as Narenjestan-e Qavam and Qavam Garden — is a multi-century-old Persian Garden and luxurious royal mansion that’s constantly frequented by tourists to Shiraz, southern province of Fars.
Unforgettable Qavam House in Shiraz
If you have traveled to the northern part of Iran, the name of the delicious food ‘Akbar joojeh’ is familiar to you.
‘Akbar joojeh’ a delicious food in northern Iran
A tsunami of up to two meters hit a small city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi after a major 7.5 quake struck offshore on Friday, collapsing buildings and washing a vessel ashore, but there was no word on casualties, officials said.
Tsunami sweeps away homes as powerful earthquake rock Indonesia
Canada's Parliament voted unanimously on Thursday to effectively strip Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary Canadian citizenship over the Rohingya crisis.
Canada strips Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship

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