Older women who carry genes that make them prone to obesity may take comfort in new findings that suggest exercise can counter that risk.
Exercise may counter effects of obesity genes
The consumption of foods with high levels of fat and carbohydrates activates an ingrained reward system in human brains which releases dopamine, a study published by the German Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research finds.
Foods with high fat and carbohydrates send reward signal to human brain
Arthritis types include osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and gout. Although the former is the most common, there are other types to be aware of. These four symptoms, including severe joint pain, may indicate gout.
Arthritis: Severe joint pain could be a symptom of gout — what you need to know
Ex-smokers who use low-nicotine liquid in electronic cigarettes breathe more deeply and more often when using the devices than those who use high-nicotine liquid, a small British study suggested.
Low-nicotine e-cigarettes raise toxin risks for ex-smokers
Water is transported from the blood into the brain via an ion transporter, according to a new study on mice conducted at the University of Copenhagen.
New discovery about the brain's water system may prove beneficial in stroke
After briefly leveling off, the US obesity rate may be climbing again, according to a preliminary study.
US obesity rates rising again
Researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered a unique process of brain cell death that affects the cells that are most vulnerable in multiple sclerosis (MS).
Discovery shines light on mystery of cell death in MS
The unique composition of a mother's breastmilk may help to reduce food sensitization in her infant, reported researchers at the University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine with colleagues in Canada.
Unique composition of breastmilk may help reduce food sensitization in infants
Drugs taken by more than one-third of US adults have depression as a possible side effect, a new study revealed.
One-third of common medications can make people depressed
A Finnish study showed that a healthy lifestyle, including physical exercises, brain stimulants and healthy diet can improve brain health and prevent late-age memory disorders.
Finnish study finds healthy lifestyle improves memory in old age

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