An algorithm to monitor the joints of patients with arthritis, which could change the way that the severity of the condition is assessed, has been developed by a team of engineers, physicians and radiologists led by the University of Cambridge.
New 3D imaging analysis technique could lead to improved arthritis treatment
Obesity affects 18.9 percent of Brazilians living in cities while 54 percent of this population is overweight, according to Health Ministry data published.
Brazil sees sharp increase in obesity levels
The molecules of bacteria found in soil may lead to the development of better drugs, according to a new study.
Scientists find bacteria in soil that may lead to more effective drugs
Iran is the first choice for many Azerbaijani patients who choose the country to receive relatively cheaper but high quality treatment.
Iran, Azerbaijanis’ first choice for receiving treatment
Marriage may protect against the development of heart disease-stroke as well as influencing who is more likely to die of it, suggests a pooled analysis of the available data, published online in the journal Heart.
Marriage may protect against heart disease-stroke and associated death risk
Bad fats can destroy your diet and cause illnesses. However, good fats help protect your brain, heart and health. Thus, every fat is not harmful. For example, Omega-3, one of the healthy fats, is vitally important for both physical and emotional health.
Everything you need to know about fats
The Sun you get when you mow the lawn or run errands could protect you against colon cancer, new research showed.
Vitamin D may guard against colon cancer
Dementia signs and symptoms can affect people in different ways depending on which part of the brain has been affected, but what is the life expectancy once you’ve been diagnosed with the disease? There is no cure for the disease but there are ways of preventing it — one being a mind exercise.
Do this mind exercise daily to prevent Dementia developing
Iran is planning to eradicate the risk of spreading hepatitis B virus via blood transmission, an Iranian health official was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.
Iran plans to eradicate hepatitis B syndrome
Calcium deficiency, or hypocalcemia, symptoms are triggered by low calcium levels in the body. Symptoms are unlikely to appear in the early stages, but become more likely the longer you have a deficiency. Watch out for these five symptoms of the condition.
Five signs you have low calcium levels

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