Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48), who represents more Iranian-Americans than any other lawmaker in the House of Representatives, suggested on Thursday, during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Hezbollah, that the recent ISIS (Daesh) terror attacks in Tehran were a positive development. Rohrabacher’s apparent praise for the attacks, which left 17 Iranians dead, came after President Donald Trump issued a statement condemning the attacks but also suggesting that “states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote”.
Republican congressman praises Tehran terror attacks
Saudi Arabia and its satellites have repeatedly put their neighbor Qatar on notice, but never as severely as this. In 2014, they temporarily recalled their ambassadors from the tiny, rich Persian Gulf statelet: but on June 5th, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain announced they were not only severing diplomatic relations with Qatar, but their air, sea and land links too—meaning that Qatar’s only land border is to be closed. Panic buying is already reported in Qatari shops. Qataris must leave Saudi Arabia within days, and will henceforth be denied entry. For good measure the ambitious young Saudi defense minister and deputy crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, expelled Qatar’s 1,000-strong force from the coalition he leads against Houthis in Yemen.
Saudi Arabia cuts off Qatar
By Pang Sen China’s Ambassador to Tehran
Silk Road: Brilliant past, brighter future
By forging closer relations with Iran, Europe could unshackle its foreign policy from the US.
Why Iran represents an opportunity for Europe
With the world having learnt who will steer Iran's government in the next four years, a large number of foreign firms have once again lined up to enter the country's 80-million-strong market, with the French car producer Peugeot and oil giant Total standing at the forefront of the queue as usual.
France's Peugeot, Total looking for stronger presence in Iran
As President Trump was being feted in the palaces of the Saudi royal family after concluding a historic arms deal, Iranians were celebrating the outcome of a hard-fought election. The vote manifested the determination of Iran’s electorate to continue on the path of moderation and constructive engagement based on mutual respect that brought the world the nuclear deal in 2015.
‘Beautiful military equipment’ can’t buy Middle East peace

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