Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has had two business trips to France in the last two years. But his Tuesday's trip to Paris is considered the first official trip of an Iranian foreign minister to the European nation for more than a decade.
Development of trust between Iran, France
The Rouhani administration managed to resolve problems, particularly foreign policy issues, facing Iran by constructive and effective measures.
Legislative-Executive bond key to success
The Iraqi and Syrian armies have inflicted serious blows to Daesh terrorists over the past weeks. The armies are also preparing for a final battle with the terrorists. This indicates that the Takfiri group's days are numbered.
Daesh on verge of collapse
By Amir Mohammad Moosavi Jashni
Dad’s supportive role in child’s development
By Ahmad-Ali Khalil-Nejadi Translated by Behnaz Gholipour
Opportunities to be provided by Modi's Tehran visit
With the Iran nuclear agreement, President Obama opened lines of communications to Iran, but political pressures in Washington prevent a more substantive shift in relations, reports Gareth Porter. By Gareth Porter A former Obama administration official has asserted that the Iranian nuclear deal marks a radical break with past US policy, contradicting the official White House stance that the agreement is not leading to a new US-Iran relationship.
Political pressure stymies US-Iran ties
Harun Yahya A new era begins between Iran and Turkey, which both obtained very fruitful outcomes following the official meeting of Turkish leaders with Iranian President Rouhani in the wake of the OIC summit. During the 13th OIC assembly held in Istanbul, President Erdogan promoted the message of the unity of Islamic countries regardless of any sect.
United we stand, divided we fall

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