While hailing the country’s new tech. achievements in recent years, President Rouhani predicted a ‘better future’ ahead of Iran’s research and scientific progress.
Rouhani predicts ‘better future’ for Iran’s scientific progress
An amateur astronomer has captured the fleeting first light of an exploding star. It's the first time anyone has documented the ‘first optical light’ of a supernova.
Amateur astronomer captures supernova's first light
A new model based on ground-running birds could predict locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs based on their speed and body size, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Peter Bishop from the Queensland Museum, Australia and colleagues.
Locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs might be predicted from that of ground-running birds
An international team has drawn on surprising genetic and archeological evidence to show that Przewalski's horse, previously believed to be the last wild equine in the world, actually descends from horses once domesticated by humans.
Study finds last ‘wild’ horses once domesticated
Many chemical molecules can exist in nature together with their mirror counterparts; like hands, two compounds can be made up of the same atoms in the same overall structure but in opposite orientations, i.e. left-handed and right-handed.
New symmetry-breaking method opens way for bioactive compounds
People with prosthetic limbs live without the ability to touch and feel the world around them.
New stretchable electronic skin sensitive enough to feel ladybug footsteps
Scientists have designed a new model to identify which organisms are capable of consuming other cells through a process called phagocytosis.
New phagocytosis model predicts which cells can eat other cells
Although mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones let us communicate, work and access information wirelessly, their batteries must still be charged by plugging them in to an outlet.
Using a laser to wirelessly charge a smartphone safely across a room
Scientists have identified 15 new genes that influence the development of a person's facial features.
Study reveals 15 genes that influence face shape
The latest space-piercing concept launching from Earth: A commercial, one-rocket space station that could carry astronauts to low-earth orbit, the Moon and even Mars.
Bigelow shows off  bold plan that's out of this world

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