Beta-amyloid peptides, protein fragments that form naturally in the brain and clump into plaques in Alzheimer's disease patients, are thought to be responsible for neuron death, but it hasn't been clear how the substances kill cells.
Simulations show how beta-amyloid may kill neural cells
Scientists believe Earth's first snow fell some 2⅖ billion years ago. According to a new study, the flurries arrived as a result of a continental growth spurt.
Continental growth spurt spurred Earth's first snow
A butterfly is being reintroduced to England more than 40 years after becoming extinct.
Butterfly to be reintroduced to England after dying out more than 40 years ago
Beijing is slowly shedding its image as the world’s most polluted city. In 2013, it ranked as the 40th worst city for the particulate PM2.5 in the World Health Organization (WHO) global database.
Air contamination drops by 30 percent in China
Researchers from EPFL — one of two Federal Institutes of Technology in Switzerland — have developed tiny fibers made of elastomer that can incorporate materials like electrodes and nanocomposite polymers.
Elastic fiber filled with electrodes set to revolutionize smart clothes
Developing new medicines to treat pulmonary fibrosis, one of the most common and serious forms of lung disease, is not easy.
Lung-on-a-chip simulates pulmonary fibrosis
Richard Branson said he's training to be an astronaut and will take his first trip into space soon.
Richard Branson readies himself for space
A bumblebee's ability to recognize visual cues is compromised by iridescent colors, new research found.
Iridescence confuses bumblebees
After a two-year stint on the disabled list, Curiosity's drill is working again. This week, the Mars rover successfully collected a rock sample for the first time in almost two years.
Curiosity drills Mars rock sample for first time in two years
The ancestors of modern birds may have survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the rest of their kin by living on the forest floor.
How ancestors of living birds survived asteroid strike

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