Since China ended its one-child policy allowing all families to have up to two children, an additional 90 million women have become eligible to have a second child. But new UBC sociology research suggests the new universal two-child policy could be negatively affecting women's status and gender equality.
China's two-child policy may exacerbate gender inequality
Children as young as seven apply basic laws of physics to problem-solving, rather than learning from what has previously been rewarded, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge.
Young children use physics, not previous rewards, to learn about tools
A US court temporarily blocked the Trump administration from delaying or ending an Obama-era rule aimed at preventing oil and gas leaks during production, according to court documents, marking the fourth time either Congress or the courts have upheld the rule’s implementation.
US court blocks Trump administration from ending oil, gas waste rule
Burgers are possibly the most ubiquitous meal on Americans’ dinner plates, but they’re also among the most resource-intensive: Beef accounts for nearly half of the land use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the food Americans eat.
A burger that saves emissions taking 2m cars off the road
Why is it that some buildings stand for hundreds of years, while others are demolished after only being used for a short time?
Beautiful buildings are more sustainable
The deputy head of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Luiz Loures, says he will not seek to renew his term in office although he was cleared of a sexual harassment allegation.
UNAIDS deputy chief to step down after sex assault accusation
More than one out of three physicians assessed in the Cleveland Clinic Health System suffered from mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, said study author Amy Windover, a clinical psychologist with the Cleveland Clinic.
More than a third of doctors felt  burnt out in Cleveland Clinic survey
The EU's top court has ruled that firms can dismiss pregnant workers as part of general staff cuts, despite legal protections for pregnant women.
Sacked pregnant worker loses European court case
Turkey has an overall divorce rate of 3.7 percent, with 62.2 percent of the population married, according to a 2017 data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).
Turkey’s overall divorce rate stands at 3.7%
Female employees earn up to 43.5 percent less at Barclays than men, according to gender pay gap figures it has submitted to the government.
Women earn up to 43% less at Barclays

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