China’s embassy in Paris on Monday strongly criticized French and European reaction to protests in Hong Kong, calling it hypocritical and telling France to show empathy after it experienced its own violent demonstrations.
China raps EU’s 'hypocritical' stance on Hong Kong protests
South Korean steelmakers are raising the prices of their steel products to reflect increased costs of raw materials, industry sources said Monday, though the price hikes are likely to be lower than expected.
South Korean steelmakers raise prices amid higher material costs
China has added more than 100 tons of gold to its reserves since it resumed buying in December, reinforcing its standing as one of the major official accumulators as central banks stock up on the precious metal.
China’s gold-buying spree tops 100 tons
Out of 56 companies that relocated their production out of China between April 2018 and August 2019, only three went to India and two to Indonesia. This was the finding of a study by Nomura, a Japanese financial group.
Why manufacturers not rushing into India, Indonesia
North Korea said on Sunday that there was no way the United States would bring alternative plans for their stalled nuclear talks within two weeks.
North Korea: US has no immediate alternative plan for talks
Tunisians voted for a new Parliament on Sunday but quiet polling stations gave an indication of the economic disillusionment that has emerged since the 2011 revolution and brought political newcomers to challenge established parties.
Tunisia votes for a new Parliament
Hong Kong police and protesters clashed on Sunday as tens of thousands marched through the central city wearing face masks in defiance of emergency laws which threaten a year in prison for hiding their faces during demonstrations.
Scores of Hong Kong protesters arrested for defying mask ban
South Korea logged the sharpest drop in exports in the first seven months of the year among the world's top 10 largest nations in terms of outbound shipments, data showed Sunday.
South Korea suffers sharpest exports drop among major exporters

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