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Russia, Germany urge preserving Iran Deal
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel emphasized keeping the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in a recent meeting in the German capital.
More than two million Muslims begin hajj pilgrimage
More than two million Muslims from around the globe on Sunday started the hajj pilgrimage at Islam's holiest sites in Saudi Arabia, one of the world's largest annual gatherings.
New mineral eats carbon dioxide
The team from the Trent University in Ontario, used tiny polystyrene microspheres as a catalyst to speed up the formation of CO2-grabbing magnesite to just 72 days.
Ten tips on how humanitarian actors can protect the environment
Every day humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world, regardless of who they are and where they are.
‌ US man detained by immigration officials while driving pregnant wife to hospital
Immigration officers in the US arrested a man who was driving his wife to hospital to give birth.
Australia ramps up aid to farmers as drought bites
Financial aid for drought-stricken Australian farmers will be increased to A$1.8 billion ($1.3 billion) as they endure the driest conditions in half a century, the country’s prime minister said Sunday.
Parliament speaker says 1953 coup in Iran, indicative of US, UK deception
It was the US and the UK who launched the 1953 coup d'état in Iran and overthrew the government of then democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, Parliament speaker said in Tehran on Sunday.
Germany's Social Democrats want pension guarantees to 2040
German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, a Social Democrat, threatened to make pensions a central theme in the next national elections in 2021 unless Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives agree to guarantee pension levels until 2040.
Researchers developing unique identifier for brain
Michaela Cordova, a research associate and lab manager at Oregon Health and Science University, began by ‘de-metaling’: Removing rings, watches, gadgets and other sources of metal, double-checking her pockets for overlooked objects that could, in her words, ‘fly in’. Then she entered the scanning room, raised and lowered the bed, and waved a head coil in the general direction of the viewing window and the iPad camera that’s enabling this virtual lab tour (I’m watching from thousands of miles away in Massachusetts).
Scientists use nanotechnology to develop novel method for growing blood vessels
Led by Dr. Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, a team at Texas A&M University has developed a method that employs 2D nanoparticles to promote blood vessel growth.
Child passive smoking 'increases chronic lung risk'
Nonsmoking adults have a higher risk of dying from serious lung disease if they grew up with parents who smoked, according to US research.
Emerging markets turmoil revives a dreaded old OPEC ghost
For more than two decades, OPEC has tried to avoid repeating a mistake that cost it dearly. In November 1997, at a meeting in Jakarta, Saudi Arabia convinced fellow oil producers to boost output, ignoring a crisis brewing in emerging markets.
Malaysia cuts 2018 growth forecast to 5%
Malaysian Central Bank on Friday revised down this year's growth forecast to five percent, after its gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter came in sharply below its expectation at 4.5 percent.
Scientists develop feeds using a marine microalga co-product
Dartmouth scientists have created a more sustainable feed for aquaculture by using a marine microalga co-product as a feed ingredient.

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