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Russia: Syrian troops repel three big terrorist attacks in Idlib
Syrian government troops on Wednesday morning repelled three big attacks by terrorists in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
Venezuela’s Maduro urges military to ‘capture traitors’
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the country's armed forces to “capture traitors” within their ranks.
Six dead after election riots in Indonesia's capital
At least six people were killed as Indonesia's capital erupted in violence on Wednesday when police clashed with protesters opposed to the reelection of President Joko Widodo.
Reports: China's big three airlines seek 737 MAX payouts from Boeing
China's three biggest airlines have filed claims seeking compensation from Boeing over the grounding and delayed delivery of 737 MAX 8 aircraft following two deadly crashes, Chinese state media reported on Wednesday.
Germany warns terrorists may provoke US-Iran war
Democrats: Trump administration twist intelligence on Iran
Yemeni forces launch drone attack on warplane hangars at Najran airport
Yemeni armed forces launched another retaliatory drone strike against an airport in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Najran region, this time targeting hangars housing the regime’s warplanes.
Russia, France, Germany defend JCPOA, support trade with Iran
The leaders of Russia, France and Germany underscored the need to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, stressing their commitment to boosting trade ties with the Islamic Republic despite the United States’ unilateral withdrawal from the accord.
McDonald's faces 25 new harassment complaints from workers
McDonald’s Corp. was accused on Tuesday in 25 new lawsuits and regulatory charges of condoning sexual harassment in the workplace and retaliating against employees who speak up.
Study: World nations failing poorest on energy goals
More than 150 million people are gaining access to electricity every year, reducing the ranks of those who live without power, but this is not enough to meet global development goals, according to a report released Wednesday.
99-year-old grandma standing up to Vietnam's coal rush
Toothless and nearly blind, grandmother Pham Thi Ca refuses to leave her plot of land even after bulldozers demolished her house — an extraordinary holdout against Communist Vietnam's deepening addiction to coal.
Far-right Facebook groups 'spreading hate to millions in Europe'
A web of far-right Facebook accounts spreading fake news and hate speech to millions of people across Europe were uncovered by the campaign group Avaaz.
GM getting Tesla-style over-the-air updates
With the development of digital-based electronic technology, infotainment, and even electric propulsion systems showing no signs of slowing for the next decade or so, it comes as little surprise that manufacturers have begun to address the methods and speed with which data and impulses move throughout a vehicle's subsystems.
Study: Massive collision with dwarf planet may explain asymmetric lunar surface
An international team led by a Chinese researcher found that a dwarf planet collided with the Moon in the early history of the Solar System, causing stark differences between the Moon's heavily-cratered farside and the low-lying open basins of its nearside facing the Earth.
NASA to launch yeast into deep space
NASA will be sending yeast cells where no man has gone before.

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