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Iranian director Kamal Tabrizi receives commendation from Japan Foreign Ministry
Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted an official commendation to Iranian filmmaker Kamal Tabrizi.
Azerbaijan minister calls for boosting cultural ties with Iran
Azerbaijan’s Minister of Culture Abulfas Garayev said that there are numerous capacities for promoting cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Iran.
Anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats take opinion poll lead
The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats have overtaken the Social Democrats to become Sweden’s most popular party for the first time, an opinion poll showed on Friday, nine years after winning its first seats in the parliament.
Winter snow, floods arrive early in Europe
One dead, 300,000 homes without power in France
Snow has hit the usually mild south of France. Germany, too, saw the first wintry weather. Venice is struggling with the worst floods in more than 50 years, while parts of northern England are also underwater, reported.
Tehran rejects Canada-drafted human rights resolution against Iran
Tehran rejected a United Nations human rights resolution against Iran as a "politically motivated" instance of hypocrisy and "abuse" of UN mechanisms by Western governments targeting independent states.
World’s sewage workers ‘underpaid, sidelined, risking their lives’
People who empty out sewage tanks and scrub down latrines doubtless perform a vital, thankless and even undesirable task. A new report, however, shows that doing such jobs could also cost workers their lives.
Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'
Meetings at work should be seen as a form of "therapy" rather than about decision-making, said researchers.
'I think I got shot': California students huddled terrified in barricaded classrooms
The students inside a barricaded choir classroom were huddled in the dark minutes after shots rang out at Saugus High School in Southern California on Thursday, when one of them said, “I think I got shot.”
China completes crucial landing test for first Mars mission in 2020
China successfully completed a crucial landing test in northern Hebei Province ahead of a historic unmanned exploration mission to Mars next year.
NASA warned of safety risks in delayed private crew launches
NASA auditors warned the space agency faces “significant safety and technical challenges” that need to be solved before astronauts fly in private capsules.
How did plants conquer land? These humble algae hold clues
If you’ve ever noticed a slimy film of algae on a rock, chances are you didn’t pay it much attention. But some of these overlooked species hold clues to one of the greatest mysteries of evolution, scientists have found: How plants arrived on land.
Third Egyptian rate cut extends easing cycle, with more to come
Egypt cut its main interest rates by a full percentage point as the lowest inflation in almost a decade allowed the central bank’s third consecutive reduction to spur investment without dimming the allure of the world’s best carry trade.
Global economy on thin ice with frail trio from China to Germany
The vulnerability of global growth to trade conflicts and dependence on US momentum were exposed as Asia’s biggest economies faltered and Germany barely dodged a recession.
EU to end all fossil fuel lending in two years
After months of contentious negotiations, the governing board of the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU’s lending arm, voted to convert itself into a ‘climate bank’ — delivering a major policy promise of incoming EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen.
Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis
The methane emissions leaking from the world’s coalmines could be stoking the global climate crisis at the same rate as the shipping and aviation industries combined.

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