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Canada's liberal PM Trudeau hangs onto power in crucial vote
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hung onto power after an election on Monday that saw his government reduced to a minority, but aides predicted he would be able to govern for two years without many problems.
Scientists pioneer new way of finding cancer-causing germs
Scientists at the University of East Anglia are pioneering a new way of finding the bacteria and viruses associated with cancer.
Chest X-rays miss nearly quarter of lung cancers, review finds
Lung Cancer is being missed at an early opportunity in almost a quarter of cases due to the use of out-dated X-rays, researchers have found.
Taiwanese companies look to step up India play
Taiwan-based companies are keen to invest in India in electric vehicles, smart cities, and technology sectors to tap the potential created by the government’s push towards these sectors.
Uganda sees investors lined up for five oil blocks by end-2020
Uganda sees investors lined up for five oil blocks by the end of next year and expects to start producing crude as early as 2023.
Boeing dragging down US economy
US Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell said the cross-currents dragging on the US economy include trade and weak foreign demand.
China’s central bank boosts liquidity ahead of tax payment surge
China’s central bank used open-market operations to inject the largest amount of cash into the banking system since May, as upcoming corporate tax payments tighten liquidity conditions.
Replacing coal with gas or renewables saves billions of gallons of water
The ongoing transition from coal to natural gas and renewables in the US electricity sector is dramatically reducing the industry's water use, a new Duke University study finds.
Trees from ancient forests discovered in deep ocean
The remains of ancient forests have been discovered deep beneath the sea, thousands of miles from land, with scientists finding 19 million-year-old wood chips in sediment layers at the bottom of the Bay of Bengal, the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean.
Electric cars to get green number plates under government plan
Green colored number plates will be issued for electric cars under government plans to encourage drivers to buy zero-emission vehicles.
Lebanon government approves 2020 budget as protests go on
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri says the cabinet has approved a raft of economic reforms, including halving ministers' wages, and agreed on the 2020 budget in a bid to tackle fiscal crisis in the cash-strapped country and put an end to the nationwide demonstrations that have entered the fifth day.
Chile death toll rises to 11, president extends emergency
Chile's death toll has risen to 11, authorities say, after three days of violent demonstrations and looting that saw President Sebastian Pinera claim the country was "at war."
12 militant prisons left unguarded due to Turkish offensive in Syria: Russia
Russia says Turkey’s offensive in northeastern Syria has left 12 Syrian prisons for foreign militants as well as eight refugee camps unguarded, warning about the return of hundreds of terrorists to their home countries.
Lawsuits accuse drugmakers, distributors of fueling US opioid crisis
Leading US pharmaceutical companies go on trial Monday charged with stoking the opioid epidemic that has ravaged American communities and left hundreds of thousands dead or overdosed across the country.
Turkey detains 3 pro-Kurdish mayors over 'terror' links
Turkey has arrested three mayors from the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) on suspicion of "membership in a terror group" and "disseminating terror propaganda."

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