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AI-powered cameras become new tool against mass shootings
Paul Hildreth peered at a display of dozens of images from security cameras surveying his Atlanta school district and settled on one showing a woman in a bright yellow shirt walking a hallway.
Google sign language AI turns hand gestures into speech
Google said it has made it possible for a smartphone to interpret and "read aloud" sign language.
Researchers use AI to recognize breast cancer patterns
Researchers used artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in breast cancer and uncovered five new types of the disease each matched to different personalized treatments.
AI may help to spot heart problems
A new way of identifying a common condition that causes the heart to beat irregularly may have been discovered by artificial intelligence.
AI, self-drive tech to be used in Tokyo Games
Miniature remote controlled cars have proved to be a crowd pleaser at track and field throwing events, but for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Toyota Motor Corp. is upping the game with a hi-tech way to fetch javelins and hammers: pint-sized, self-driving artificial intelligence (AI) robot cars.
Wimbledon reworks AI tech to reduce bias in game highlights
Efforts to make artificial intelligence fairer now extend to Wimbledon’s courts.
Researchers develop AI able to identify things by sight, touch
A laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed an AI that can process and learn from visual and tactile information, according to MIT news published online on Monday.
Microsoft, Sony partner on streaming games, chips, AI
Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. on Thursday said they struck a strategic partnership in which Sony would use Microsoft’s cloud for streaming games and media and the two would work together to develop image sensors.

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