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Alabama man who served 36 years of a life sentence for stealing $50 to be freed
A man from Alabama, the US, who was sentenced to life without parole after stealing $50.75 from a bakery in his 20s is to be released after more than three decades in prison.
Alabama ban on nearly all abortions in GOP governor’s hands
Alabama legislators gave final approval to a ban on nearly all abortions, and if the Republican governor signs the measure, the state will have the strictest abortion law in the US.
Black man's death in Alabama triggers more protests
Protests in in the US state of Alabama have continued over the death of a black man with police now suggesting the victim was killed because he "brandished" his gun.
Record number of black women running for office in Alabama: Report
A record number of black women are reportedly running for congressional seats across the US state of Alabama.
Alabama woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual abuse sues for defamation
An Alabama woman who accused former US Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old has sued Moore and his campaign for what she said was defamation.
Alabama Democrat in shock Senate win over Trump-backed Republican
Democrat Doug Jones scored a stunning upset victory Tuesday in an intense US Senate race in conservative Alabama, dealing a humiliating blow to President Donald Trump whose chosen candidate failed to overcome damaging accusations of sexual misconduct.
UN shocked by level of poverty in Alabama
The US state of Alabama —which is holding a much-watched special election — has some of the worst conditions of poverty in the developed world, according to a visiting UN official.
Alabama governor resigns over sex scandal
The Governor of the US state of Alabama Robert Bentley has resigned after state lawmakers began impeachment proceedings linked to his affair with a senior aide.
Guards, inmates both on strike in US jail in Alabama
Corrections officers and prisoners in a jail in the US state of Alabama have launched a strike over shared concerns, a report says.
Thousands of Americans mark ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Alabama
Tens of thousands of people have marked the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” civil rights march in the US amid new protests against police killings of black people.
US protesters censure police brutality in Alabama
Protesters hold a demonstration in the US state of Alabama to slam ongoing police brutality against African Americans.
Alabama House Speaker arrested on 23 felony charges
Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was arrested on Monday on felony ethics charges, according to Acting Attorney General Van Davis.

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