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Study: Alien species primary cause of recent global extinctions
Alien species are the main driver of recent extinctions in both animals and plants, according to a new study by UCL (University College London) researchers.
Study: Alien life may exist on huge ‘super-earth’ mere light-years away
A giant super-earth — a planet whose mass is larger than Earth's, but smaller that of Uranus and Neptune — located ‘mere’ six light-years away from us, may harbor extraterrestrial life, according to by researchers of the Villanova University, the US.
Ancient alien discovery: 15th century painting is ‘proof of alien visit’
A painting dating back to the 15th century could be proof that aliens have been visiting the Earth for some time, conspiracy theorists claim.
Student scientists search for bright lights of alien world
Combing the Universe for radio signals might not be the only way to search for alien civilizations, according to a team of student researchers from UC Santa Barbara.
NASA's new planet hunter begins search for alien worlds
NASA's newest planet-hunting telescope is officially at work.
NASA's Golden Record may baffle alien life
It was launched to the stars as a portrait of humanity: An alien’s guide to life on Earth and the wonderful, rich culture of its dominant species.
Scientists build an 'alien' ocean on Earth
An ‘alien’ ocean has been built on Earth by researchers. The simulation of another world could help us explore more of our solar system and understand the strange worlds that lurk within it.
Potential ingredient for alien life found on Titan
A molecule that could help build otherworldly life is present on Saturn’s moon Titan, researchers have discovered.
Alien ice seen forming on Earth
A strange form of ice that's found naturally only on alien worlds has been captured being frozen from water in real time on Earth for the first time, the US researchers said.
Alien megastructure mystery captivates astronomers
A puzzling celestial body, known as an alien megastructure which is behaving like no other star, has baffled astronomers around the world after it dimmed by about 22 percent in a matter of days.
Alien subatomic particles destroying electronic gadgets
Alien subatomic particles raining down on Earth from outer space are wreaking ‘low-grade havoc’ on our mobiles and computers.
Nearby planet Wolf 1061c could be home to alien life
Astronomers are studying a nearby exoplanet which they believe could be the key to finding alien life elsewhere in the Universe.
Giant 'alien claw' found with warped skull in mystery desert caves
A group of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers say they have found a giant three-fingered hand which they believe belongs to an alien or ancient humanoid.
Alien life may munch on galactic cosmic rays
Extreme microbes that live in hostile places on Earth may feed off of cosmic rays that zip through space, according to a study of a bizarre bacterium thriving deep in a dark gold mine.

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