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Trump’s administration conflicting messages to Iran baffle go-betweens: Report
Multiple American and European officials say the contradictory and conflicting messages the administration of US President Donald Trump keeps sending to Iran have complicated diplomatic efforts for American allies abroad and utterly baffled policymakers at home.
American pharmaceutical companies contributed to US opioid crisis: Data
American pharmaceutical companies contributed to the US opioid crisis by flooding the country with billions of prescription pain killers like OxyContin even as overdose deaths were accelerating, newly released government figures suggest.
Americans’ pride in US hits lowest point since 2001: Gallup poll
Americans' pride in the US is at its lowest point since 2001, with less than half saying they are "extremely proud" to be American, according to a nationwide survey.
‘Every US president lies to American public’: Analyst
Every US president “lies to the American public, and often with disastrous results,” according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
US Navy accuses Russian Navy of ‘unsafe and unprofessional’ approach
The US Navy has accused the Russian Navy of an “unsafe and unprofessional” approach after a Russian destroyer nearly collided with one of American guided missile cruisers in the Philippine Sea.
Democrats will lose in 2020 elections if they impeach Trump: Analyst
Members of the Democratic Party in the US Congress are seeking to Impeach President Donald Trump for the wrong reasons and risk boosting the Republicans in the 2020 elections if they launch impeachment proceedings, an American author and radio host says.
American becomes 11th to die in Everest amid reports of overcrowding
An American climber died shortly after reaching the top of Mount Everest and achieving his dream of scaling the highest peaks of the world's seven continents.
IRGC: American officials suffer from mess in their thoughts
US President Donald Trump’s administration does not dare wage a war on Iran despite its recent deployment of an aircraft carrier and bombers in the Persian Gulf, because the American officials are suffering from some mess in their thoughts, said a senior official of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).
At least 100 Central American migrants arrested in Mexico
A group of approximately 100 Central American migrants were detained by members of the National Migration Institute during an operation close to the Mexican town of Huixtla in Chiapas State on Tuesday afternoon (April 16), Milenio TV reported.
American officials say many troops will remain in Syria in reversal of total pullout
American officials say the US has backpedaled on its plan for a total withdrawal from Syria and will keep a large portion of its forces on the ground there.
Most Americans want popular vote not Electoral College: Poll
A new poll shows that most American voters prefer the national vote rather than Electoral College.
Democrats go after the Electoral College only when they lose: Analyst
Only 538 people, those chosen by the two main US political parties, deciding the presidential election is reason enough to abolish the Electoral College, according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
American poacher trophy hunts markhor in Pakistan
An American trophy hunter has paid a whopping $110,000 to poach a rare mountain goat (markhor) the official national animal of Pakistan.
Venezuela seizes large shipment of American weapons coming from Florida
Venezuela says it has seized a large shipment of US-made weapons aboard a cargo plane that had taken off from Miami, Florida, days after US President Donald Trump repeated his threats of taking military action against the Latin American country amid an ongoing political rift.
American mercenaries used ‘Karma’ to hack UAE’s opponents: Reuters
A report reveals that a team of former US government intelligence operatives had been recruited by the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) to help Abu Dhabi spy on perceived opponents by using a sophisticated spyware called Karma.

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