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Gabbard urges giving Americans $1,000 monthly relief during pandemic
US Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has called for introducing a universal basic income (UBI) of US$1,000 a month for each American during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
The Americans are in Iraq on a mission of destruction: Scholar
“The Americans are in Iraq on a mission of destruction,” according to an American scholar and political commentator.
100s of Americans quarantined in California after fleeing coronavirus epicenter
Another group of nearly 350 Americans airlifted from the epicenter of China's fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak have been placed under quarantine at two military bases in California, as the number of confirmed US cases of the disease rose to 12.
Americans dissatisfied with the state of the US: Poll
The vast majority of Americans express significant dissatisfaction with the direction of the country and with the state of US politics, while President Donald Trump’s approval rating remains negative, a series of new surveys show.
Mexico deports hundreds of migrants to Honduras
Mexico's government has returned hundreds of Hondurans back to their country after it largely halted a caravan of undocumented Central Americans migrants who waded across a river into Mexico.
A million Iraqis asked us to leave. We should listen.
You wouldn’t know it from US mainstream media reporting, but on Friday an estimated million Iraqis took to the streets to protest the continued US military presence in their country. What little mainstream media coverage the protest received all reported the number of protesters as far less than actually turned out. The Beltway elites are determined that Americans not know or understand just how much our presence in Iraq is not wanted.
Immigration clampdown may threaten Americans' jobs, wages: Economists
The 20-year-old San Diego bakery Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe went out of business this month after an audit by US authorities found immigrants working there illegally.
Americans being robbed of their futures by politicians, bankers, the media: Analyst
Donald Trump was successful in 2016 because he appealed to the Americans who know they’re being robbed of their futures “by an established class of politicians, bankers, and the media,” according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
More Americans disapprove of Trump's Iran policy: Poll
More US citizens disapprove than approve of President Donald Trump's policy against Iran, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll.
73% of Americans concerned about war with Iran: Poll
A majority of Americans disapprove of the way President Donald Trump is handling the situation with Iran and say they feel less safe, with 73 percent expressing concerns about the United States entering a new war, according to a new poll.
Majority of Americans reject Trump’s Iran policy: Poll
Majority of Americans disapprove of US President Donald Trump’s position on Iran and feel less safe after Washington’s recent escalation with Tehran, a new poll finds.
Trump backs down from his hostile anti-Iran stance because Americans don't support him: Analyst
US President Donald Trump has backed down from his hostile anti-Iran stance because American people are not actually behind him, according to US scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Increase in minimum wage linked to 3.5-6%  fall in suicide rate among Americans
A $1-increase in the minimum wage is linked to a fall in the suicide rate of between 3.5 and 6 percent among people with high school education or less, reveals a 26-year study, published online in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
Former acting CIA director: 'There will be dead Americans'
Former acting and deputy CIA director Michael Morell has said that US President Donald Trump’s decision to assassinate of Iranian Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani will lead to “dead Americans.”
US embassy in Baghdad urges Americans to leave Iraq after assassination of Soleimani
The US Embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad has urged all American citizens to immediately leave the country following the assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, which was carried out by US forces on the orders of President Donald Trump.

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