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Journalists in Nigeria working in 'climate of fear,' Amnesty reports
Journalists in Nigeria are working in a “climate of fear” due to the detention of dozens of reporters and bloggers in the country this year, Amnesty International has said in a report.
Amnesty International issues travel warning for US
Human rights organization Amnesty International issued a travel warning for the US on Thursday, citing "rampant gun violence” in the country.
Amnesty International strips Myanmar's Suu Kyi of award
Amnesty International stripped Aung San Suu Kyi, the Myanmar leader, of its top award over indifference to atrocities committed against Rohingya Muslims, doubling down on support for the civilian leader in the face of global ire.
Human rights group: Employee targeted with Israeli spyware
An Amnesty International employee has been targeted with Israeli-made surveillance software, the human rights group said Wednesday, adding to a growing number of examples of Israeli technology being used to spy on human rights workers and opposition figures in the Middle East and beyond.
Amnesty International is rubberstamp of US, Israel: Analyst
Amnesty International is not a trustworthy agency and has established itself as a rubberstamp of the United States and its allies like Israel, an American peace activist and political commentator says.
Amnesty: Bahrain’s Nabeel Rajab conviction ‘a slap in the face of justice’
The sentencing of prominent human rights defender Nabeel Rajab to five years in prison for peacefully expressing his opinions online illustrates the Bahraini authorities’ utter contempt for freedom of expression, said Amnesty International.
Amnesty seeks criminal inquiry into Shell over alleged complicity in murder and torture in Nigeria
Amnesty International is calling for a criminal investigation into the oil giant Shell regarding allegations it was complicit in human rights abuses carried out by the Nigerian military.
Amnesty International urges Bahrain to end torture after sex abuse report
Amnesty International has called on Bahrain to put an end to torturing government critics and all other forms of human rights violations after a report revealed sexual abuse of a female activist during interrogation.
Amnesty International condemns US, UK over Yemen arms
Amnesty International on Thursday condemned the United States and Britain for transferring arms to Saudi Arabia to use in its war in Yemen, Western media reported.
Amnesty International calls for probe into Nigeria Shia killings
Amnesty International is calling for an investigation of military killings of Nigeria's minority Shia Muslims following revelations of hundreds buried in a mass grave.
Amnesty International slams EU over mishandling of refugee crisis
Amnesty International has lashed out at the European countries over mishandling of the refugee crisis in the continent.
Amnesty International slams Morsi death sentence as 'charade'
Amnesty International has denounced the death penalty handed down to former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi as "a charade based on null and void procedures."
Amnesty International asks US to end impunity in CIA torture
Human rights group Amnesty International has pressed the Obama administration to revise a decision not to prosecute former officials involved in the CIA’s torture program.
Amnesty International slams Obama over CIA torture program
An international human rights group has criticized US President Barack Obama's administration for granting immunity to people involved in a CIA torture program that began after the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Female Afghan activists face rising violence
Human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) has warned about escalating violence, including threats, sexual assaults and assassinations, facing female Afghan activists.

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