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US must reach accord with Russia, China for global peace: Analyst
The United States must reach an accord with Russia and China for a stable and peaceful world, a former US foreign policy adviser and diplomat says.
Trump has taken status of US presidency to new lows: Analyst
The escalating feud between US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden over Trump’s mistreatment of women is embarrassing and degrades America’s political establishment, analysts says.
Saudis wasting billions by buying outdated weapons from US: Analyst
The United States is selling useless, outdated weapons to Saudi Arabia which is thus wasting billions of dollars on these purchases, according to E. Michael Jones, an American political analyst in Indiana.
Trump destroying civil rights movement (Video)
US President Donald Trump’s support for white supremacists and other far-right groups is ‘insulting’ to racial minorities and risks harming the civil rights movement, says an analyst in Detroit.
US, Israel, Saudi Arabia seeking ways to destroy Iran nuclear deal: Analyst (Video)
The administration of US President Donald Trump along with Israel and Saudi Arabia are trying to create a pretext for destroying the Iran nuclear deal and exert more on the Islamic Republic, said an American analyst.
UN report on sarin use in Syria drawn up based on US dictates: Analyst (Video)
A political analyst said a recent UN report, which blames the Syrian government for an April gas attack in Idlib Province, has been fabricated based on US dictates, and is full of unsubstantiated claims.
British analyst criticizes referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan Region
“Look at the smirk on Benjamin Netanyahu's face, as he supports Kurdish separatism. It's about splitting up Middle East states so that there can be no effective opposition to the expansion of Israel into the lands of others,” British political commentator Rodney Shakespeare told IRNA correspondent in London in an exclusive interview.
Iraqi Kurdish vote carries great risk for Mideast: Analyst
There is “great risk” in the upcoming Kurdish independence referendum, primarily because it will further increase “instability, fighting and warfare” in the Middle East, says an analyst.
Iran in compliance with nuclear deal, despite US claims: Analyst
Iran is in compliance with the international nuclear deal reached in 2015, despite false claims by some current and former US officials that Tehran is violating the deal, says Stephen Lendman, a journalist and political analyst based in Chicago.
Trump lacks integrity, is full of deception: Analyst
US President Donald Trump lacks integrity and has spent his whole life in deception, says a former American intelligence linguist, adding that there is a tremendous amount of corruption in the US political system.
Saudis use execution to terrify dissent: Analyst
The growing number of executions Saudi Arabia, especially those targeting anti-government opponents, shows that Riyadh is using the tactic to terrify the dissent, an analyst tells Press TV.
Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia was a war against Shia Muslims: Analyst
US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia during his first official overseas trip this week was essentially a declaration of war against Iran and Shia Muslims and signaled an alliance with Wahhabi regimes, an investigative journalist in Washington says.
Riyadh waging war on Saudi Arabia’s Shia minority: Analyst
An American university lecturer says Saudi Arabia is waging a war on the country’s Shia minority, slaughtering members of the community instead of engaging in dialog with them, Press TV reports.

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