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Trump’s speech about US assassination shows his ‘level of stupidity’: Analyst
The false claims made by US President Donald Trump during a speech on Wednesday following the American assassination of a top Iranian general and Tehran’s swift retaliation illustrates the US leader’s “level of stupidity” and his inability to think strategically, a political analyst in Maryland says.
Trump's 3-ring circus has made a joke of the presidency: Analyst
The shadow business secretary, Keir Starmer, has emerged as the frontrunner to replace Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, despite the fact that he has yet to formally declare his candidature in the Labour leadership contest.
Trump using office to improve his personal financial interests: Analyst
US President Donald Trump is using government service and its agencies to “improve his personal financial interests,” according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
Ex-intelligence analyst criticizes Trump's 'opportunistic' Afghanistan visit
A former US intelligence analyst has described US President Donald Trump's claims regarding a cease-fire deal with the Afghan Taliban as an "absolute photo opportunity."
Trump administration seeks to inflict more misery on Iranian population: Analyst
US President Donald Trump’s administration is committed to regime change in Tehran and is ready to inflict more misery on the Iranian population, a former American Senate foreign policy analyst says.
Trump’s impeachment inquiry ‘advertising tool’ for Democratic Party: Analyst
The impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump will fail to yield any results and is just an “advertising tool” for the Democratic Party to marshal popular support for the 2020 presidential election race, says an American political analyst and radio host.
Hillary Clinton is narcissistic and infatuated with herself: Analyst
The baseless allegations made against US lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard by former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton underscores her unstable character and narcissistic behavior, says an American academic and analyst.
Trump’s impeachment inquiry seeks to divert attention from US problems: Analyst
The escalating impeachment inquiry by Democrats against US President Donald Trump is an effort to distract Americans from the nation’s foreign and domestic problems, a former US Senate candidate says.
Republican Flake’s statement ‘completely nonsense’: Analyst
An American political analyst has rejected as “completely nonsense” the former Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s statement that at least 35 Republican senators would vote to impeach President Donald Trump and remove him from office if they could vote privately, saying that the numbers would definitely fail to reach a quorum for impeachment proceeding at the Senate.
Iran doing right thing in reducing JCPOA commitments: Analyst
An American political analyst says Iran “is doing the right thing” in suspending parts of its commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal in response to the US’s exit from the agreement, adding that the whole procedure is “a win” for the Islamic Republic.
Analyst: Israel playing a big role in India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan
Robert Fisk is The Independent’s multi-award-winning Middle East correspondent, based in Beirut. He has lived in the Arab world for more than 40 years, covering the war in Syria and Lebanon, five Israeli invasions, the Iran-Iraq war, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Algerian civil war, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, the Bosnian and Kosovo wars, the American invasion and occupation of Iraq and the 2011 Arab revolutions. In this piece written on Thursday 28 February 2019, he reflects on the escalation of tensions between neighboring India and Pakistan, highlighting the role played by Israeli supplied ammunition and aircraft in fanning the flames of conflict between these two countries.
US seeking to tear Syria apart with illegal military presence: Analyst
The US military, with the assistance of Israel, Saudi Arabia and terrorist groups in the Middle East, is seeking to tear Syria apart, as it maintains its illegal presence in the war-torn country, a former US Senate candidate says.
Trump’s policies highlight his lack of intelligence, strategic thinking: Analyst
US President Donald Trump’s strategy in dealing with other nations underscores his lack of intelligence and strategic thinking, and “believes running the office of the presidency is akin to a reality show,” a political analyst in Maryland says.
Deal of the century will turn into major failure for Israel, Analyst says
Political analyst Foad Izadi believes the so-called 'deal of the century' initiated by the US will turn into a significant failure for Israel.
Civilian infrastructure in Gaza regular target of Israeli strikes: Analyst
Israel’s recent airstrikes on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip amount to crimes against humanity, says an academic, adding that the international community has done nothing to stop Tel Aviv’s aggression against the coastal enclave.

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