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Ancient Afghan citadel collapses, cultural heritage sites at risk
An ancient tower dating back 2,000 years in the historic Afghan city of Ghazni collapsed this week, local officials said, raising concerns about the vulnerability of the country’s cultural heritage and the government’s ability to protect them.
Discovery of ancient tomb in Britain yields new info
An underground chamber discovered accidentally by road workers appears to be the site of the earliest Christian royal burial ever found in Britain, archeologists say, calling it the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.
Official: Chicago institute to return Iran’s ancient inscriptions
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago voiced readiness for returning Achaemenid inscriptions to Iran, an Iranian official said on Tuesday.
Ancient Australian indigenous site recreated with VR technology
Researchers from Australia's University of Newcastle have digitally mapped and recreated an ancient aboriginal site, allowing users to step 6,500 years back in time using a virtual reality headset.
Ancient shipwreck to be made accessible to divers in Greece
Near the northern Greek island of Alonissos lies a remarkable ancient shipwreck: The remains of a massive cargo ship that changed archeologists’ understanding of shipbuilding in antiquity.
Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus to be opened on live TV
A team of archeologists and other specialists in Egypt plan to open a sarcophagus containing a 3,000-year-old mummy on Sunday as part of a live Discovery Channel special called "Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live".
Ancient, four-legged whale with otter-like features found along the coast of Peru
Cetaceans, the group including whales and dolphins, originated in south Asia more than 50 million years ago from a small, four-legged, hoofed ancestor.
Spain’s ancient artefacts to be exhibited in Iran
The Alicante Archaeological Museum in eastern Spain will display a collection of its historical objects and ancient artefacts at the National Museum of Tehran.
Ancient skeletal parts confiscated in Cairo International Airport
Head of the Central Administration of Ports and Archeological Units in Egyptian ports Hamdi Hammam affirmed that the customs authorities assumed the presence of a suspicious object placed in one of the speakers in a parcel set to be shipped to Belgium.
Egypt: Tourists watch rare sun event at ancient temple
On Friday African diplomats and other tourists gathered to watch a rare sun phenomenon in Egypt.
Ancient site linked to Caesar’s murder to open to public
A complex of ancient temples in Rome that are linked to the scene of Julius Caesar’s murder will be opened to the public.
Ancient looted artwork returned to Italy
A dozen looted artworks, some more than 2,000 years old, have been returned to Italy by British Christie's auction house.
Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region
A much debated ancient human skull from Mongolia has been dated and genetically analyzed, showing that it is the earliest modern human yet found in the region, according to new research from the University of Oxford.
New inscription found in ancient Naqsh-e Rustam site
A researcher in ancient Iranian culture and languages announced that a new and trilingual inscription, which has remained out of view so far, had been discovered in the ancient site of Naqsh-e Rustam pointing to its anonymous Achaemenid character.
Ancient Rome was not built in a day
Whoever visits Rome nowadays can easily get lost in its many narrow streets, suddenly and randomly bumping into Agrippa’s Pantheon, Piazza Navona, or Santa Maria Maggiore.

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