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Archaeologists unearth 227 bodies of sacrificed children in Peru
In the biggest ever discovery of sacrificed children, archaeologists unearthed 227 bodies in Peru. According to them, the site belonged to people of the pre-Columbian Chimu culture.
Filipinos plan more diggings where new human species found
Archaeologists who discovered fossil bones and teeth of a previously unknown human species that thrived more than 50,000 years ago in the northern Philippines said Thursday they plan more diggings and called for better protection of the popular limestone cave complex where the remains were unearthed.
Archaeologists discover ancient sphinx in Egypt
Egypt said archaeologists discovered a statue of a lion's body and a human head in the southern city of Aswan.
Archaeologists find 4,000-year-old model garden in Egypt
Archaeologists have found the remains of a model garden that dates back roughly 4,000 years outside a tomb in the Egyptian city of Luxor.

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