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Are octopuses aliens? 'There's something going on behind their eyes'
A marine biologist has had her say on an extraordinary claim that octopuses evolved from extraterrestrial ‘cryopreserved’ eggs hundreds of millions of years ago, which if true might explain their extraordinary intelligence and complexity.
Italy's Paris rocks to world super-G gold
In-form Italian speed skier Dominik Paris beat a host of high-class rivals including Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal to claim super-G gold at the World Ski Championships on Wednesday.
Shiffrin streaks to world super-G gold, Vonn crashes out
Mikaela Shiffrin took her first step to world domination by storming to super-G gold on Tuesday, but there were tears for outgoing teammate Lindsey Vonn who crashed out.
Why are so many Italians against vaccines?
Italy’s populist coalition has been criticized in recent days for rowing back on a law that made 10 vaccines compulsory for children.
How some species are 'wired' for talk
Our primate cousins have surprised and impressed scientists in recent years, with revelations about monkeys' tool-using abilities and chimps' development of complex sign language.
Are trees vegetarian?
Humans can be vegetarians, choosing to forgo meat, but what about trees? After all, trees need only soil, sunlight and water to survive, right?
Are big-city transportation systems too complex for human minds?
Many of us know the feeling of standing in front of a subway map in a strange city, baffled by the multi-colored web staring back at us and seemingly unable to plot a route from point A to point B.
Are rich countries selling the developing world short on climate change?
Rich countries say they are on track to beating the $100 billon climate fund target, but poorer countries criticize the unfair burden of loans and a stark lack of money for adaptation.

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