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Two US Marines killed in Arizona helicopter crash
Two US Marine pilots have died in a helicopter crash near Yuma, Arizona, during a training mission, the Pentagon says.
Researchers use ocean muck to study ancient monsoons
The southwestern monsoon has swept across the landscape every summer as far back as the last ice age, when mammoths roamed the continent and ice sheets edged below what is now the Canadian border, according to a newly released study by University of Arizona researchers.
Arizona teachers protest, demanding better pay, more public funding
Thousands of teachers have staged a rally in the US state of Arizona to demand better pay and more funding for public schools.
Texas, Arizona announce troop deployments to Mexico border
The US states of Texas and Arizona on Friday announced plans to send National Guard troops to the southern border with Mexico after President Donald Trump ordered a thousands-strong deployment to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration.
US states of Texas, Arizona announce troop deployments to Mexico border
The US states of Texas and Arizona have announced plans to send reserve troops to the border with Mexico after President Donald Trump ordered the deployment of thousands of soldiers to combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking.
Uber suspends self-driving tests after car kills woman in Arizona
An Uber self-driving car has hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Arizona, marking the first time a self-driving car has killed a pedestrian and dealing a potential blow to technology which is expected to transform transportation.
Senator Flake compares Trump's criticism of media to Stalin's
Republican Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake has slammed US President Donald Trump's declaration that media is ‘the enemy of the people,’ saying it is borrowed from Soviet revolutionary leader Joseph Stalin.
Olympic runner dies aged 31 in Arizona
American middle-distance runner David Torrence has been found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool in Arizona at the age of 31.
Phoenix police fire tear gas at anti-Trump protesters
Police have fired tear gas and stun grenades at crowds of protesters in Phoenix, Arizona, as they demonstrated against US President Donald Trump, who held a campaign-style rally nearby for supporters.
Flash bangs on crowd outside Trump rally in Arizona
Police in Arizona fired gas and flash bangs to disperse protesters at a rally in downtown Phoenix following a campaign-style rally by President Trump on Tuesday night.
Raging fire forces evacuation in parts of Arizona
Hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes in some parts of the US state of Arizona due to the rapidly spreading Goodwin Fire.
Two US men killed in Arizona mall shooting
A shooting at a crowded Arizona restaurant left two men dead in an altercation Friday night involving three people who knew one another, authorities said.
Cruz wins majority of delegates in Virginia, Arizona
US Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has pulled out strategic victories in Arizona and Virginia, nailing down a large majority of delegates in both states.
Backers fight for children's health insurance in Arizona
A fight is intensifying in the Arizona Legislature over the Senate leader's refusal to restore a program providing health insurance to poor children, a stance that would maintain the state's position as the only one in the nation that doesn't participate in the plan.
Arizona protesters slam Trump over migration policy
A protest march in the US State of Arizona storms the capitol, denouncing US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump over his migration policy.

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