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Making head or tail of a galactic landscape
Astronomers have used data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to capture a dramatic image of an enormous tail of hot gas stretching for more than a million light years behind a group of galaxies that is falling into the depths of an even-larger cluster of galaxies.
Astronomers assemble 'light-fingerprints' to unveil mysteries of the cosmos
Earthbound detectives rely on fingerprints to solve their cases; now astronomers can do the same, using ‘light-fingerprints’ instead of skin grooves to uncover the mysteries of exoplanets.
Astronomers find remainder of Universe's missing ordinary matter
Until now, scientists had only found roughly two-thirds of the cosmos' ordinary matter. But astronomers have solved the so-called ‘missing baryon problem’, locating the last reservoir of missing ordinary matter.
Astronomers identify 121 giant planets  likely to host habitable moons
Astronomers have identified 121 giant planets that potentially host habitable moons. Scientists believe the next generation of telescopes will be able to target alien moons in search of signs of life.
Astronomers find X-ray pulsar in record-fast orbit
Scientists found a pair of stars orbiting one another at record speed.
Milky Way's supermassive black hole may have unseen siblings
Astronomers are beginning to understand what happens when black holes get the urge to roam the Milky Way.
Astronomers think 'winking' star consuming cloud of planetary debris
New data suggested a unique 'winking' star located 550 light-years from Earth is consuming remnants of wrecked planets.
Giant black hole pair photobombs Andromeda galaxy
It seems like even black holes can't resist the temptation to insert themselves unannounced into photographs. A cosmic photobomb found as a background object in images of the nearby Andromeda galaxy has revealed what could be the most tightly coupled pair of supermassive black holes ever seen.
Astronomers observe one of the oldest galaxies
Astronomers observed the second most distant dust-filled, star-forming galaxy in the cosmos.
Astronomers completes first global asteroid tracking exercise
An international team of astronomers successfully completed the first international drill using a real asteroid to test global response capabilities.
Astronomers may have found solar system's first observed interstellar object
Astronomers are tracking what they believe may be the first observed interstellar asteroid or comet to travel through Earth's solar system, NASA said.
Two separate teams of astronomers find evidence of missing Baryonic matter
Two teams working independently have found evidence of the existence of Baryonic matter — particles that link galaxies together.
Astronomers pinpoint origin of gravity wave signal
For the first time, astronomers have combined data from the Virgo and LIGO gravitational wave detections systems.
Astronomers found an alien world with glowing water atmosphere
Scientists have discovered evidence of a stratosphere surrounding a large exoplanet located 900 light-years from Earth.
Astronomers discover a moon outside the solar system
A team of Columbia University astronomers believe that they have discovered the very first ever exomoon — a moon orbiting a planet besides one of the eight in our solar system.

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