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8 killed, dozens injured as bomb explosion hits funeral near Iraq's Baghdad
At least eight people have lost their lives and dozens more sustained injuries when a powerful bomb blast ripped through a funeral near the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad.
Iran vows to keep up anti-terror cooperation with Iraq
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the Islamic Republic will keep up its counterterrorism cooperation with Iraq until the annihilation of terrorism.
Iraq VP: Pilgrimage trips revive Tehran-Baghdad ancient ties
Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki says the increase in pilgrimage trips to holy Islamic shrines in Iraq in contemporary era has served to revive the ancient ties between Tehran and Baghdad.
Iran envoy, Iraq Shia cleric urge cementing Tehran-Baghdad ties
Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi and head of Iraqi national Shia coalition and leader of National Wisdom Movement Ammar Hakim in a meeting on Friday called for cementing Tehran-Baghdad ties.
Iraq PM: Baghdad for balanced ties with Tehran, Washington
Iraqi premier said here on Wednesday that his country wants to stay far from the conflict between Iran and the US, keeping a balance in Baghdad's ties with Tehran and Washington.
Baghdad resumes paying salaries of Kurds frozen over secession vote
Iraq's federal government has announced resumption of paying the salaries of Kurdish civil servants and Peshmerga security forces, which had been frozen in the wake of tensions between Baghdad government and Kurdish authorities over a non-binding Kurdish independence vote.
NATO staying in Iraq at Baghdad request: Alliance chief
The NATO chief said the Western military alliance will stay in Iraq at its government’s request “as long as necessary” just days after the Arab country’s lawmakers called for the withdrawal of foreign troops following the defeat of Daesh terrorists.
Baghdad urged to confiscate assets of Saddam's cronies
The Accountability and Justice Committee in Iraq has urged the Baghdad government to confiscate the assets of scores of slain dictator Saddam Hussein’s relatives and cronies.
Iraqi lawmakers call on Baghdad to set timetable for withdrawal of foreign troops
The Iraqi parliament has demanded that the central government in Baghdad set a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops, led by those of the US, from the Arab country after their purported fight against the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group practically came to an end following the demise of the terror outfit two months ago.
Moscow assists Baghdad in ensuring security: FM Jaafari
The Iraqi foreign minister says Baghdad is receiving assistance from Russia in ensuring security in the Arab country, ravaged by the war against the Daesh terror group, and that the two sides “exchange information” on a regular basis.
Persian pictorial carpet fair welcome in Baghdad
An exhibition of exquisite pictorial carpets, which was the first of its kind to be held in the Iraqi capital, was warmly received by the residents of Baghdad, Iraq.
Hundreds of Iranian passengers stranded at Baghdad Airport
Hundreds of Iranian passengers have been left stranded at the Baghdad Airport after flights were canceled in Iran due to the heavy snow which shut down Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport for a couple of days.
Hundreds of Iran pilgrims in limbo at Baghdad Airport
Hundreds of Iranian pilgrims have been left stranded in Baghdad Airport because of heavy snow in Iran which shut down Tehran's Imam Khomeini Airport for a couple of days.
Political development in Iraq positive: UN Envoy in Baghdad
A United Nations official in Baghdad said he is optimistic about political developments in Iraq, adding that the UN tries to help the Iraqi people and government.
Kurdistan security very important for Iran: Larijani
Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the security of the Iraqi Kurdistan is ‘very important’ to the Islamic Republic, calling on the semi-autonomous region to resolve its issues in cooperation with the central government in Baghdad.

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