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Volcanic heat source found beneath large Antarctic glacier
Scientists have discovered a volcanic heat source underneath Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier.
NASA satellite spots shattered iceberg beneath the Arctic's midnight Sun
A newly released NASA image showcases the fragmented state of iceberg B-44, glistening in the midnight Sun of the Arctic.
Heat beneath Pacific Ocean drives Yellowstone volcanism: Research
A simple mantle plume can't account for the size and complexity of the volcanic system beneath the western US.
Life on Mars: Aliens could be beneath surface
The discovery of life on Mars is edging closer to reality after scientists found that extremely hardy bacteria could thrive in the Red Planet’s tough environment.
Looking beneath surface makes cities more livable
A new interactive toolbox is helping urban planners, practitioners, environmental organizations and researchers across Europe work together to better understand and use the ground beneath our cities.
An ocean may be hiding beneath Pluto's 'heart'
A new simulation of how Pluto got its 'heart' suggests that the dwarf planet most likely has a deep ocean beneath its surface.

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