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Bloomberg to join Democratic debate amid poll surge
Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will take part in a nomination debate for the first time today, his campaign confirmed.
Sanders: Bloomberg is attempting to ‘buy the presidency’
Senator Bernie Sanders directly attacked former New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg, for attempting to “buy the presidency” at a campaign rally Sunday in Carson City, Nevada.
Sanders says presidential rival Bloomberg will not excite voters
Democratic US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Saturday Mike Bloomberg would not generate the “excitement and energy” needed to win the White House, focusing on a rival still not fully participating in the race.
The day Europe told the US to cut out threats over Iran
UK, Germany, France told US its tactics were unacceptable
By Patrick Donahue and Ania Nussbaum
US candidate Bloomberg says business experience is key to beating Trump
US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday unveiled an economic strategy based on what he sees as his key strengths: a successful career in business and three terms as mayor of New York.
Bloomberg on his Democratic rivals: ‘Donald Trump would eat 'em up’
US Democratic presidential contender and multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg has said that Republican President Donald Trump would beat any of his Democratic rivals in the 2020 election easily, saying, "Donald Trump would eat 'em up."
Report: US sanctions failed to force Iran to buckle
A report in Bloomberg, a leading global economic and business website, says Iran is successfully weathering an economic crisis caused by massive US sanctions thanks to reforms in the currency market and other measures.
Facebook paid contractors to transcribe users' audio: Bloomberg
Facebook Inc. has been paying outside contractors to transcribe audio clips from users of its services, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
US shouldn’t try propaganda to win over Iranians: Bloomberg
The US administration’s propaganda campaign to “persuade Iranians that their problems—economic and political—are the product of misrule in Tehran, rather than the sanctions imposed from Washington,” has failed to win over Iranians, according to a Bloomberg opinion.
Bloomberg: Oil tanker bombed off UAE port shipping fuel to Iran
An oil tanker damaged in a bombing off the United Arab Emirates’ port of Fujairah in May is back in business. The ship’s first destination is Iran.
Qatar could give Saudi more headache after leaving OPEC: Bloomberg
Qatar’s surprise decision to leave the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) might be just a taste of things to come, as some analysts suggest the tiny Persian Gulf country plans to irritate Saudi Arabia even more by leaving the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC).
Iran to raise oil output to new highs soon
Bloomberg says the current market data show Iran is set to reach its objective to increase oil output to as much as 4 million barrels per day (bpd) within the next few months.
Bloomberg nixes 2016 run because it might boost Trump
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he will not launch a run for president as he had been considering, because of fears that a third-party campaign would result in a Republican victory.
Bloomberg sets eye on US presidency with hefty stakes
New York City’s former mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg seeks to participate in America’s November presidential election as an independent candidate, a report says.
Iran's mines can generate more money than crude: Bloomberg
A new report says Iran can earn more revenue from its mineral reserves than crude oil sales, if it takes appropriate measures to develop those reserves.

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