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Britain's Prince Charles wants to visit Iran: Sunday Times
The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, would like to make an official visit to Iran, he said in an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper.
Tories to introduce new counter-terrorism bill in March
Freshly invigorated by their resounding success in last month’s general election, the hard right Tory government is pressing ahead with its plans to radicalise Britain’s security environment even further.
Britain's Prince Harry, wife to give up royal titles
Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will give up their royal titles and public funding as part of a settlement with the Queen to start a new life away from the British monarchy.
EU Brexit spokesman says Britain assured him about those who do not apply for settled status
The UK government has sought to reassure the EU that its citizens living in the UK will not be deported if they fail to apply for settled status, the European parliament’s Brexit co-ordinator has said. UK Ministers, however, have refused calls to give EU citizens physical proof of their right to stay in the UK after Brexit for fear of “another Windrush” setting off fresh anger.
More than 10,000 child refugees risked their lives to enter Britain
More than 10,000 unaccompanied children are believed to have entered the UK over the past decade using dangerous methods such as hiding in the back of a lorry according to new analysis that raises fresh scrutiny over the Home Office’s approach toward helping young refugees.
UK to lose more than EU from no trade deal
Britain stands to lose more than the European Union if the two fail to strike a trade deal by the end of next year, head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen told the European Parliament on Wednesday.
BBC 'played a part' in Labour's election defeat: Shadow transport secretary
Britain’s state-funded BBC has “played a part” in contributing to the Labour Party's heavy defeat in the general election last week, a senior Labour MP has said.
Jeremy Corbyn apologizes over heavy Labour defeat
Britain's main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has apologized to Labour supporters over his party's heavy defeat in the general election, but vows they will learn from their mistakes and listen to voters.
Jewish voters feel pressure to vote against Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn has been described as the biggest global threat to Jews. The Jewish Chronicle has turned its front page into an open letter virtually begging British Jews to vote against the UK’s Labour party in the general election and last month Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis wrote this about Britain’s main opposition party.
Britain, France, Germany claim in letter to UN chief Iran has ‘nuclear-capable missiles’
Having failed to fulfill their commitments to Iran under a 2015 nuclear deal, the European signatories are now accusing Tehran of possessing “nuclear-capable ballistic missiles,” claiming its latest missile activities are “inconsistent” with a UN resolution that endorsed the accord.
Trump cancels NATO presser after being mocked by Trudeau
US President Donald Trump abruptly cancels a NATO summit in Britain after video emerges of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, apparently mocking him on a hot microphone.
Britain's intelligence agencies fall short again as terror strikes heart of London
As Britain struggles to understand the latest terror attack, the emerging facts point toward a massive intelligence failure.
MCB says Tory party is 'institutionally' Islamophobic
The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has accused the Tory party of “approaching Islamophobia with denial, dismissal and deceit”.
Britain now a dangerous mess: Ex-PM
Former British prime minister Tony Blair said on Monday that Britain was in a dangerous mess, and that neither his own Labour Party nor Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ruling Conservatives deserved to win a December 12 election.

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