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African Union orders Britain to withdraw from Chagos Islands, end 'colonial administration'
The African Union ordered Britain on Friday to withdraw from the Chagos Islands and end its “continued colonial administration” after a United Nations deadline for it to do so expired.
UK appears determined to escalate unrest in Hong Kong
Britain has stepped up the pressure on China by accusing the People’s Republic of torturing a former employee of the UK’s consulate in Hong Kong.
Hillary Clinton: Britain is “on the path to fascism”
Hillary Clinton warns of path to 'fascism' after British MPs stand down at the upcoming general election citing online threats.
Three quarters of dementia patients in Britain suffer from other major health issues
Three quarters of those living with dementia also suffer from other debilitating health conditions, an official report reveals.
Britain's 'first city' rose near an ancient spring
Britain's first 'city' rose near an ancient spring on the Salisbury Plain and its inhabitants built Stonehenge which is a prehistoric monument, archeologists believe.
Right wing press unites to demonise Corbyn's economic policy
The super-rich will leave Britain “immediately” if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, The Guardian reported today.
Charities accumulate vast sums of money at the expense of needy veterans
Britain’s ten biggest military charities have combined assets of £1.4 billion and reserves amounting to £275 million, according to The Times newspaper.
Migrants in Britain face daily grind of misery and forced labour
The death of 39 migrants in Britain has been universally described as a human tragedy. The deaths have brought the UK’s increasingly tough immigration laws into sharp relief and raised questions about Britain’s commitment to human rights.
Britain will have to send a commissioner to Europe, von der Leyen says
Britain will have to propose a candidate for a commissioner in the next European Commission if it is still a member of the European Union after Oct. 31, incoming Commission head Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday.
UK Commons speaker deals new blow to Johnson’s Brexit plan
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to lead Britain out of the European Union at the end of this month hit another roadblock Monday when the speaker of the House of Commons rejected his attempt to hold a new vote of lawmakers on his Brexit divorce deal.
Trump’s withdrawal decision leaves Britain’s Syria policy in disarray
US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American military forces from the Syria-Turkey border has caught everyone by surprise, including the UK, which counts as one of America’s strongest allies.
Britain's Brexit talks with EU appear on verge of collapse
Brexit talks between Britain and the European Union appeared to be on the verge of collapse on Tuesday, with Brussels accusing London of intransigence and threatening the bloc's future.
PM makes final dash for Brexit as zero hour approaches
With the clock ticking on Britain’s scheduled departure from the European Union (EU), Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to maintain that a deal may still be struck.
Lung disease from vaping may hit Britain, says expert
Lung disease caused by vaping — which has led to several deaths and hundreds of cases of serious illness in the US — may hit Britain and is spreading worldwide, according to a leading expert on tobacco control.
Irish leaders warn Britain time is running out for Brexit deal
The Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Leo Varadkar, has voiced concerns about Britain’s ability to put forth “written proposals” to the all-important European Union (EU) summit in mid-October.

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