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EU’s Tusk rejects British PM Johnson’s backstop proposal
European Council President Donald Tusk said on Tuesday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's demands to drop the Brexit backstop came with no "realistic alternatives" and amounted to seeking a return to controls along the sensitive Irish border.
British establishment applies 'bureaucratic obstructionism' to thwart Scottish independence poll
The Electoral Commission has waded into the debate on Scottish independence by requesting to vet the question for a new Scottish independence vote.
The relentless sale of British assets to foreigners shows no sign of abating
News that Turkey’s military pension fund has reached a deal to buy embattled British Steel will come as a disappointment to supporters of British industry.
UN experts find British-made bomb parts at site of Saudi strike in Yemen
A United Nations panel of experts has discovered parts of British-made weapons in Yemen, which has been the scene of a bloody Saudi-led military campaign.
Analysis: Examining British Support for the Bahraini Dictatorship
On the evening of July 26, Bahraini embassy staff in London attempted to throw a protester, one Moosa Abd-Ali, off the roof.
British consumer keeps UK plc afloat as key sectors start to sink
The British consumer is holding up the country’s economic performance but key sectors are showing signs of strain as Boris Johnson threatens to take the UK out of the EU without a deal, according to a Guardian analysis.
Iran’s IRGC says captures British oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has said that it has captured a British oil tanker for breaching international maritime law while crossing the Strait of Hormuz.
Piracy: Diplomacy of a Most British Form
The Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemned British “piracy” in the wake of Britain’s seizure of a Russian super-tanker, carrying Iranian crude oil, off the Spanish coast of Gibraltar. He asserted that “Evil Britain commits piracy and steals our ship ... and gives it a legal appearance. Iran, and those who believe in our system, will not leave such evil deeds unanswered”.
British big energy suppliers to purge petrol, diesel from fleets by 2030
Two of Britain’s biggest energy suppliers are accelerating the drive towards greener vehicles by pledging to replace their existing fleet of vans with all-electric models by 2030.
The British Tradition of Piracy leaves fatal trail on the high seas
As the UK tries hard to justify its seizure of an Iranian super-tanker off the Spanish coast, international attention is focusing on the political, diplomatic and humanitarian cost of similar British actions in the past.
British piracy in ‘Spanish waters’ provokes international condemnation
British piracy in ‘Spanish waters’ provokes international condemnation Iran has reacted strongly to the British seizure of an Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Gibraltar, an undisputed part of Spain, which the British claim sovereignty over.
British hypocrisy on 'women’s rights' under the spotlight
A legal battle between two royals from a Persian Gulf state has thrown Britain’s double standards on female emancipation and related equality issues into sharp relief.
MOD corruption scandal deals blow to British military morale
The Tory party’s austerity regime beginning in 2010 wreaked a terrible toll on rank and file members of the British military with ordinary soldiers seeing real wages fall year by year.
British Steel bidder loses interest as UK fails to offer support
A frontrunner to buy British Steel has been deterred by the government’s refusal to provide backing for investment in the Scunthorpe steelworks, amid concern there is just a week left to save the company.
British teachers want climate crisis training, poll shows
A growing number of UK teachers want their pupils to learn more about the climate crisis and are calling for environmental training so they can prepare children for a rapidly changing world, according to a poll.

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