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British food consumption linked to wildlife loss and deforestation abroad
Food produced in Britain could be contributing to deforestation and the loss of wildlife overseas, campaigners have warned.
Proposed emergency terror law may be ‘illegal’
As expected the British government is rushing to introduce “emergency” anti-terror legislation in the wake of the terrorist attack in south London on February 02.
British aviation industry outlines plans for net-zero emissions by 2050
Britain’s aviation industry has set out plans to reach a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, even with the building of a third runway at Heathrow airport which is expected to drive up flight numbers.
Study finds London has become a city for the elites
The British capital, London, is now prohibitively expensive for people from less affluent backgrounds, a charity claims.
Royal family's diminution a shock to British establishment
The British royal family is in the grip of its worst crisis since the death of Diana Frances Spencer (better known as Princess Diana) in August 1997.
UK defence secretary 'reserves the right' to 'strike' Iran
British defence secretary, Ben Wallace, has put up a spirited defence of the US decision to assassinate Iranian Quds force General Qassem Soleimani in a terrorist-style drone strike outside Baghdad airport.
FCO continues to refuse to condemn the assassination of General Soleimani
True to form, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), has failed to address the profound legal and ethical issues arising from the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, thus giving rise to the suspicion that Britain supports the illegal US act.
British army in yet another desperate recruitment drive
In its latest recruitment drive the British army has ascended a new bar in terms of desperation by reaching out to some of the most marginalised elements in society.
British chemistry teacher brings science alive in Chinese classes
A British chemistry professor has dedicated two decades of his life to teaching popular science to students in China.
The British Health service in chaotic disarray due to under funding
London, UK - The so called pride of Britain, the NHS established in 1948 was the jewel in the crown of the state system in the UK, and the envy of many other states who did not offer their citizens access to free healthcare. However, the once well oiled system is now oxidised to the core, with the entire service on its knees as it struggles to care for ever increasing number of patients it receives, with the ever decreasing budget it has to spend.
Johnson vows to get Brexit done after big election win
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson proclaimed a political "earthquake" Friday after his thumping election victory cleared Britain's way to finally leave the European Union after years of damaging deadlock over Brexit.
John Boyega: I've met Americans who are ‘confused black people live in London’
The Star Wars actor, John Boyega, has opened up about the representation of black British culture on a global scale.
Jeremy Corbyn's general election profile
Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the British Labour Party, the country’s official opposition party making him and Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson the two most likely candidates to lead Britain as Prime Minister after the December 12 polls.
Facts and figures regarding British general election
When does the election take place?
British Special Forces in Syria beat a hasty retreat following the US withdrawal
British Special Forces in Syria have been forced to withdraw from their positions in the north of the country, following the sudden retreat of US forces.

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