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British parents unite to fight the ‘farming out’ of children to distant care homes
A group of British parents are planning legal action to ensure their children are housed in residential care homes close to where they live.
Da Vinci drawings pictured on British stamps
A dozen new stamps from Great Britain's Royal Mail display drawings by Leonardo da Vinci from the Royal Collection.
Traffic jams costing British drivers £1,317 per year
Road congestion cost the UK economy nearly £8 billion last year, according to new analysis.
Helping British teenagers beat the blues
Go for a walk, speak to your friends face-to-face, go and visit your grandma.
Too many older British people given 'antidepressants instead of therapy'
GPs in the UK are giving too many older people antidepressants when they are struggling with depression, and should prescribe talking therapies far more often, according to a new research.
British charity: Scan younger women at breast cancer risk
Younger women with a family history of breast cancer should receive annual screenings to pick up the disease earlier, a British charity said.
Senior British MP: Pointless GCSEs should be scrapped
GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) — an academic qualification — should be scrapped and A-levels — a subject-based qualification — should be replaced by a mix of academic and vocational subjects in England, said Robert Halfon, the chairman of the Education Select Committee.
British children as young as 12 'competing to become better self-harmers'
British children as young as 12 are competing with each other to commit worsening acts of self-harm on websites, a groundbreaking study reveals.
Ban phones in British schools, says schools standards minister
Pupils should be banned from taking smartphones into school, the minister for school standards in England told the BBC.
Russia accuses British broadcaster BBC of ‘certain violations’
Russia’s media regulator says an investigation it had launched into the activities of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the country has found “certain violations” by the broadcaster.
British people face pollution and hundreds of noise violations from supersonic aircraft
The rise of supersonic planes could see Heathrow alone hosting more than 300 extra flights every day that exceed noise pollution limits and compromise efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
OfS: British universities luring students with unconditional offers could be fined
Colleges that use unconditional offers to pressurize students into accepting places could be fined or even lose their university status, England's higher education watchdog said.
Young at higher risk of asthma attack, says British charity
Young people are at a higher risk of having an asthma attack than any other age group living with the condition, the charity Asthma UK is warning.
British charity reports rise in takedowns of child abuse imagery
A British charity tasked with removing child abuse imagery from the Internet warned of a ‘horrifying’ increase in the amount of material it has had to take down over the past year.
British government to fund 2,900 school exchanges for poorer pupils
Secondary schools in England will be able to apply for money to take poorer pupils overseas on school exchanges

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