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Trump vows fair UK trade deal, tells May to stick around
US President Donald Trump has promised outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May a very substantial and fair trade deal with the UK after its exit from the European Union (EU), asking her to “stick around” and finish the job.
Donald Trump's £40m visit is most expensive ever, will 'overstretch' police
Donald Trump’s state visit will be by far the most expensive in British history – costing taxpayers an estimated £40 million in security costs.
Johnson launches UK leadership bid in campaign video
Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has launched his campaign to become the next prime minister by releasing a video in which he reiterates Britain under his leadership will certainly leave the European Union no matter if it could be a disorderly and costly withdrawal.
British Body Shop initiates recycled plastics program to protect environment
British cosmetics company Body Shop has taken an initiative to protect the environment, people and critters as much as it can with the launch of its new Community Trade recycled plastic that will help to tackle plastic pollution and benefit the livings and planet.
British scientists test radical ways to fix Earth's climate
Scientists in Cambridge, the UK, plan to set up a research centre to develop new ways to repair the Earth's climate.
Report highlights mental health crisis of British doctors
A new British Medical Association (BMA) report based on survey data has found a ‘severe mental health crisis among the country’s physicians and medical students.
British aid worker killed by kidnappers in Nigeria
Kidnappers in Nigeria shot dead a British woman and a Nigerian man, and abducted three others, officials said.
British scientists on the cusp of curing blindness with pioneering treatment
Victims of a devastating form of blindness have been given hope by a new stem-cell treatment that rejuvenates the eyes.
British farmers warn no-deal Brexit would be 'catastrophic'
The National Farmers' Union said confidence levels among British farmers are at their lowest since the start of the decade.
INSTEX chief to brief British traders, officials: Sources
President of Europe's special purpose vehicle for trade with Iran will visit London next week to talks with British traders and officials, an informed source said Tuesday.
British parliament rejects all Brexit alternatives
British lawmakers have rejected four motions presenting different Brexit alternatives, further complicating the country's bid to leave the European Union.
May under pressure to rule out long Brexit delay
British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a new push by members of her Conservative Party to lead Britain out of the European Union in the next few months, even if it means a potentially damaging no-deal Brexit.
UK’s secret war: British commandos wounded in Yemen
A number of elite British commandos have sustained injuries in direct gunfights with Yemeni forces as part of what appears to be a secretive UK military campaign in Yemen, a new report says, adding a major twist to London’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s deadly war against its impoverished southern neighbor.
British man may be second to be 'cured' of HIV
A British man may be the second person to be cured of HIV after doctors said he was in ‘sustained remission’ after being given stem cells from a donor with genetic resistance to the disease.
Chief Houthi negotiator meets British FM Hunt in Oman
Chief negotiator for Yemen’s popular Houthi Ansarullah movement Mohammed Abdul-Salam has met with British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in a rare meeting in Oman’s capital city of Muscat to discuss ongoing peace negotiations related to the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah.

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