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British psychotherapist: Brexit is contributing to marriage breakdowns
A British psychotherapist said Brexit is contributing to marriage breakdowns, saying when the relationships broke down, it continued to ‘disentangle it further’.
British hospice using horticulture to care for patients
“There are an awful lot of things that go through your mind when you know you’re not going to get better,” said Pamela Bolt, 87, who lives with a terminal heart condition.
Calls increase on British museum to cancel Saudi embassy event
Human rights campaigners are becoming increasingly angry at a decision by Britain’s Natural History Museum to host a reception for Saudi Arabia’s embassy, saying the NHM should definitely cancel the event over growing concerns about Kingdom’s rights violations.
Fast fashion is harming planet, British MPs say
Young people's love of fast fashion is coming under the scrutiny of Britain's law-makers.
Third of UK export firms lost business over Brexit: Study
At least a third of British exports companies have already suffered a major loss in both business and investment as a direct consequence of the country’s pending exit from the European Union (EU), a new study shows.
British women live shorter lives than most other Europeans
Women in the UK are living shorter lives on average than most of their counterparts in Europe, according to an analysis by Public Health England (PHE).
British PM faces surging party dissent against Brexit plan
British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a new challenge in her attempts to go through with negotiations to bring Britain out of the European Union as some 80 members of her Conservative Party have announced she should either revise her Brexit strategy or face a party rebellion.
Poll finds British public disillusioned with UK economy
A new poll carried out in the United Kingdom has found that most people in the country feel disillusioned with the way the economy is functioning.
British elite committed to defense of Israel: Political activist
An expert has told the Press TV that British elites do not actually need any puppeteering from outside to stay committed to Israel as they always see any threat to the regime in Tel Aviv as a threat to the old alliance between the Zionists and Britain.
British Airways, Air France to halt direct flights to Iran next month
Flagship airlines British Airways and Air France have announced that they are to suspend all their direct flights to Iran, saying the route is “not commercially viable,” as the United States has re-imposed sanctions against the Islamic Republic prohibiting businesses from operating in the country.
British Royal Navy vessel monitors Russian warship in English Channel
A British Royal Navy vessel, HMS Hurworth, is monitoring a Russian warship as it is passing through the English Channel in an exercise that usually lasts about 48 hours, the Navy says.
British FM Hunt defends Trump against controversies
The top British diplomat has sought to defend US President Donald Trump against the criticisms surrounding him as London struggles to cement an alliance with Washington at a time of increased uncertainty about Brexit.
British MPs: Relaxing e-cigarette laws would cut smoking deaths
The UK government is missing an important opportunity to cut deaths from smoking, said a committee of British MPs who are calling for a cut in the tax on e-cigarettes.
Former British FM Johnson urged to pay back his Kabul trip costs
Activists and politicians have called on former British foreign minister Boris Johnson to pay back to the public the costs of a trip he made to Afghanistan in June amid a public row over the construction of a third runway at the Heathrow International Airport.
British foreign secretary warns EU over ‘hard-line’ negotiating stance
British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has warned the European Union that its refusal to move from its “hard-line negotiating position” is a “nonstrategic mistake.”

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